Sunday, 04 July 2010

Canvass Art - 3 July 2010

Bee held a canvass art lesson at The Hobby Hut at Queensburgh Nursery on Saturday, 3 July 2010 which I attended.  Wow, this was an amazing class and I so enjoyed creating my canvass.  We used all sorts of bits of tinfoil, embossed paper, leaves, chipboard, flowers, lace and what ever else there was around.  We painted the canvass black and then stuck down all the other bits to get a nice textured base.  Then we painted over the textured bits black again and then dry brushed the colour we wanted.  I decided to do my theme of Dereck and I in celebration of our 25th wedding anniversary last year.  I really like how this turned out.  The colour in the picture is deep purple and I already have it hanging in my craft room .....

I used stickles over the number 25 to give it a bit of a sparkle.  With the photo, I cut out a 1cm border all round, sanded the edges and then inked them.  I did the same with the cut out bit and then I mounted the cut out bit with double sided tape to give it a bit of a 3d look.

Canvass crafter signing off ....

Cards Made from Card Class in June 2010

Bee's card class at Durban North on 17 June 2010 was again a funfilled, inspiring class.  Here are the cards we made....

 This we called the "swing" card as the scolloped circle in the middle hangs from the top and bottom of the circle.  A simple, yet effective card.

This card we called the "money slider" card as in order to stick the scolloped quote, we needed to use 5cent pieces so that it moved nicely when the inner tag was pulled out.

This card was called the "spinner" card.  Before you close the card you twist the inner circle and then close the card.  When the person opens it, it spins around.  Very nice card and if you wanted, you could extend the white card inside to go all the way to the edge which would give you more space to write your sentiments.

Always a great evening as Bee is just to inspiring and positive.

Inspired cardmaker signing off ....

Saturday, 03 July 2010

Peter Rabbit Tatoo

When my son Grant had his first tatoo, I jokingly said that he was mad.  When he got his second one I jokingly said I should get one.  When he got his third one I said that I would get one when I had lost 10kg's.  I have now lost 16kg's and was still thinking about it.  My niece, Samatha offered on Wednesday this week to come round on Saturday (today) and do it for me.  I looked for my picture of Peter Rabbit (I have loved this bunny since I was a little girl and collect the figurines) and I fetched her after my craft class this afternoon.  I was rather nervous, but we set up in my craft room and off she went.  It really felt wierd and at some times I had to grit my teeth, but it was not a pain that lingered at all.    Here are a few pictures of the outline being drawn and then the finished tatoo.  Samatha is really very artistic and it was an honour for me to have her do my tatoo.

I am thinking of having a Jemimah Puddleduck done on my left shoulder ...... Grant says I am now one of the tatoo gang!!

Tatoo mom signing off ....