Sunday, 27 July 2008

Christening of Scrap Book Table

On Saturday Kathy, Rayna and Shelley came round to help me christen my new oak scrapbook table. It was well and truly christened with Kathy arriving at 09h00, Rayna a bit later and Shelley at about 10h00 as she had to collect our Breyani that her friend Glenda made for us. A lot of talking, getting ideas and of course scrapping took place. Kathy was the most efficient and finished 2 double page layouts (she had done all the cutting beforehand). Shelley, Rayna and i also finished our layouts. Lunch time we had a yummy chicken breyani with salad (made by Kathy) with fruit juice and finished off with a delicious hot sticky chocolate pudding with cream. While I was trying to shake the cream Rayna offered to do it for a while as it seemed to be taking a long time to thicken, and while she was shaking, happened to read the container where it clearly stated that it "is not suitable for wipping"!!!
Here is my layout I created (with some advise from Rayna and Shelley) and finished:

These other two layouts I also finished (just some finishing touches and putting in the enlargements) and they can be purchased from Desire's Online Shoppe - Doing Life . They are great kits (seeing as I am in them!!) and I had a lot of fun putting them together. Thanks Desire for the inspiration!

A great day was had by all.
In the evening, Dereck and I together with Lesley, Alex, Janine, Nicholas and a friend of ours Dave, went to see the Rocky Horror Picture Show at the Barnyard Theatre. We bought pizzas for supper and were treated to a home made chocolate cake (from Dave) - boy was it yummy!!! What a great show. We bought some water pistols and had great fun shooting the patrons!!
Today, Sunday was spent doing some washing, updating some albums and general updating of blogs, and tidying up.
This evening I just plan watching TV.
Relaxed signing off ....

Blogging Award

I have been given the "Blogging Forever Friend" award by Desire do visit her blog and see her wonderful creations. Thank you so much Desire, I am honoured and proud to have received this award from you. The following rules apply to this award:

1. Only 5 people are allowed to receive this award

2. 4 of them followers of your blog.

3. One has to be new to your blog and live in another part of the world.

4. You must link back to who ever gave you the award.

I pick the following people to receive this award from me, Leanne, Jose (who recently visited my blog - but do check out hers it is great), Desire, Sophia do visit their blogs and see their creations and the 5th one is Andrea, who is a very talented scrapper and an ex South African, now residing in Linfield, England. She was involved in SA Scrap Kits and I recently attended her 2 day scrap convention - it was awesome.
Award winner signing off ...

Blog Candy at Bev's Site

Do you want to get your hands on some 'Blog Candy'? Well then just pop over to 'All The Things I Love' and leave a comment on the 'Blog Candy Time' entry and post a link on your blog to 'All the Things I Love'. This is what you stand to win. The winner is drawn on 9 August 2008 (Women's Day here in South Africa). So, what are you waiting for, get on over and leave your comment ...
Bev has made amazing card creations too!

Crossed fingers signing off ....

Sunday, 20 July 2008

BOM Challenge #2

Herewith the layout I did for the BOM challenge #2:

The journalling reads:

"The French meaning of "Michelle" is "Gift from God", and is the feminine form of Michael. The Hebrew meaning is "Close to God" and "Who is like God?" It was a popular name when first used in the 1940's and made even more so by the Beatles' famous song "Michelle" in the 1970's (I love the Beatles music by the way!!) My second name "Frances" is from French origin and means "Free".

How did my parents decide on my name?

Well, they liked the name "Michael" and I was a girl, so was named "Michelle". In the 1960's it was quite a unique name.

Do I like my name?

Yes. Although while at shool I did not like my second name as a girl in my class had the same name and she was horrible. It was only in later years when I found out that Princess Diana's second name was Frances that I was happy with it.

If I could change my name what would it be?

Michelle. I am a Michelle so I just can't change my name!!"
I must say I had fun investigating and creating this layout.
Just Michelle signing off ...

Craft Room Table

I have just been reminded that I have not posted a picture of my new table in my craft room. So here it is as well as a picture of my cupboard all nicely sorted and things stacked away:

Happy crafter signing off ...

Book of Me Challenge #1 and some Beading

To those of you doing the Book of Me Challenge with Tracy here is my take on the first challenge. I certainly had a lot of fun putting it together and am busy working on Challenge #2. Sorry for the long wait:

There is still time for you to join, so come along and join us create a memory for future generations.

I was rather busy yesterday as my friend Rayna's daughter who runs the the coffee shop at Stoneage in Pinetown arranged a beading morning where Rayna, Shelley, Kathy and I made 2 cute dragonfly key rings. We were also treated to a "Royal Tea" with lots of yummy things to eat. I really had a lot of fun making them:

No, Desire, I will not be taking up beading !! I will leave those wonderful creations for you to make, although I might make a few keyrings as they are quick and really easy.

After the beading, Shelley and I went to Mount Edgecombe to check out the Scrap 4 Africa shop, followed by a trip to Imagine That at the Crescent. This was rather exhausting work and we stopped by the Wimpy for a double thick milkshakes, then off to do some grocery shopping and then home.

Dereck's friend was playing in the "School of Rock, SA" musical at the Elizabeth Sneddon Theatre, so we arranged with Janine and Nicholas to join us and we went to watch the show. It was brilliant and very well done by a selection of school children. It was the Unilever young actors production that is held every year. The children come from various schools round KZN.

Well, I must go now as I have my next BOM Challenge to get on with.

BOM challenger signing off ....

Friday, 11 July 2008

Anita Francis Ramsay (Papi)

Yes, I know that I have not blogged in ages, but things have really been hectic. I have changed jobs, been scrapping a bit and the sad news is that my mother-in-law passed away yesterday.

She had battled with Cancer for a couple of years and she died peacefully on 10 July 2008 at 16h20 at her flat. She was fortunate that Lesley, her daughter, was able to live with her and helped take care of her up until her passing. To all her grandchildren she was fondly know as "Papi".

09-01-1931 to 10-07-2008

Rest in peace "Papi", you will be missed by all.

To all our friends who have sent messages of condolences and flowers - thank you to all, it means a lot to Dereck, myself and the family.

In mourning signing off ...