Saturday, 10 September 2011

USA holiday 2011

Am currently on holiday in the USA if you would like to follow me, here is the blog:

Saturday, 22 January 2011

Home Improvements

Ok, so this blog has been seriously neglected.  Apologies.  After our wonderful USA holiday, there have been a few things happening in my life.  We did some building and landscaping to our front garden.  Before we went overseas I had spoken to our landscaper and he sent us through his plans and ideas whilst we were in the USA.  Once we got back he got started.  Here are some before pictures:

Some "during" pictures:

And the end result:

And the view looking from under the Gazebo:

It really has made such a difference to the front garden and we have had a couple of get togethers under the gazebo (even in the rain).

To lie on the seating under the gazebo on a hot day and read a book is very pleasant and both Dereck and I have done it - he he.

We went today and bought an outside light which will go at the end of the paving after the pool to light up the stepping stones and we got a flourescent light to under the awning to the right of the pool.

I will do another blog post and let you know about our week-end away at Shelley Beach.

Home improver signing off ....