Wednesday, 23 January 2008

It's a Dogs Life on the Beach

Last Sunday morning Dereck and I put harnesses on our dogs - Zippa, Jemma and Izzy and met Lesley and Nicholas at their flat while they loaded their dog - Glen into their car. We then drove down to Blue Lagoon and let the dogs run on the beach. Jemma, Izzy and Glen were fine, but the minute Zippa touched the sand, she dug her feet in and would not move. It was so funny seeing this big dog just lying down on the grass facing the other way to the sea. Dereck and Nicholas eventually picked her up and brought her to the grass where we were, but she managed to wriggle out of her harness and went "galloping" towards the car. A man standing there took one look at this and ran for cover and jumped back into his car - this was such a funny sight as Zippa wasn't even going in his pathway!

Eventually Lesley and I walked with the other dogs towards the water, found a spot to put down her bag and took the dogs into the water. Jemma and Izzy were a bit hesitant, but Glen absolutely loved it and was really having a lot of fun.

While Lesley was walking along the beach with Jemma, a wave came up in front of Jemma and she walked through it. I then took Jemma and ran up and down the beach into the waves and she had an absolute ball, even jumping over the really tiny waves.

Izzy was not having any of this getting wet and shyed away from any water. She enjoyed the beach though and had good fun rolling in the sand and while we waited on the grass, rolled around in that too.

Zippa just was not interested in the water! If it looked like it was coming towards her, she turned and moved away. She enjoyed the sand, but definitely not the water!!

We weren't there for too long and by the time we left all three dogs were exhausted. Zippa and Jemma just lay on the back seat while Izzy lay on floor at the front.

When we got home Jemma and Izzy had a bath.
A great fun but relaxing day had by all.

Beach dog owner signing off ...

Scrapday at Makaranga

Well, what can I say... it was fantastic! Starting on Friday, I collected Desire from the airport and went home to load the car with all the goodies for the day. Dereck packed his car as well and we met him there. But, we made a detour at Desire's old work (Alexander Cox) to collect a parcel. Dereck in the meantime had got to Makaranga and couldn't find us, so he just carried on along what he thought was the road only to be chased by a staff member stating that the pathway was for the wheelchairs. He said he had wondered why the road got narrower!!!

While Desire was unpacking her things in her room, she gave me a rather heavy present - to say thank you for all my assistance. On opening this rather heavy present, inside was a beautiful hardcover Sasol book of South African birds as well a soft cover one and a Making Memories holder for stickers, rub ons etc. Talk about being spoilt - Desire, I really appreciate the gift and it is my pleasure to be of assistance.

Anyway once all packed out, we started to set up and at about 3:30 we had a toasted sarmie for lunch. We carried on until about 7:30 and then I went home.

Saturday, I was at Makaranga just before 6:00 (forgetting that there was no traffic and catching Desire not quite dressed!!). We had a cup of complimentary hot chocolate and sat on the verandah of her room taking in the view.

The next lot of delegates arrived - Shelley, at about 6:15 whereafter we went down to our venue.

As people arrived, the made a beeline to the shoppe and this was one of my duties for the day - to man the shoppe. Well, I was certainly kept busy and in no time quite a bit of the stock was booked. During the day the delegates came and added things to their packs and in the afternoon I totalled up for them.

We had a Herma Speed Queen competition, gave out keytags with quotes and a chocolate, set of sticker quotes and a new stencil.

Lunch was a buffet which was most yummy.

At about 5pm the delegates started packing away and then was the job of packing away the shoppe, so that I could keep the left overs for the next Scrapday on 14 June.

While Desire and Shelley discussed some accounting things, I sat watching some Ducks swimming in the swimming pool while sipping on a lovely cool drink.

For more details and pictures of the Scrapday, please visit Desire's blog -

On Sunday morning Desire invited me for breakfast and we sat on the verandah watching the birds and a few lizzards, and chatted. At about 10:00 I took her to the airport.

It was great to see her again and catch up on all the news about her new house in JHB.

I will edit this and post a few pictures later.

Doing Life assistant signing off ...

Saturday, 05 January 2008

Bird of Prey

The other afternoon, the Adedas were really making a noise. It wasn't there usual cry and there were about 8 of them all sticking together. They would sit on the neighbours roof, then all fly around in a formation and then come back. I got out my telephoto lense and check through it and on a lonely tree stump right at the top was this bird. I could see that it was not an Adeda, and when they chased it I managed to get this last shot in the sky. I got Dereck's binoculars and looked at where this bird had been as it also went into another tree and the Adedas got really mad. There I saw a nest with an Adeda sitting in it. This bird of prey was obviously trying to get at the nest and the Adedas were guarding it. It was quite fascinating to watch this.

Watch the birdie signing off ...
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Thursday, 03 January 2008

Monkey Business

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I have a fascination for watching monkeys, chimps etc. and while mooching around on 1 January 2008, these monkeys were getting comfortable in helping themselves to the litchies on the tree. They kept watching me as I stood on the verandah of Dereck's office and took their pictures. It was fun to watch as they found a bunch of litchies, then stood up to pick one off, then sat down to peel it and then eat it!!
Otherwise not too much going on - did my civic duty and donated blood (anyone who knows me knows that I am poop scared of needles, so feel chuffed that I did this). 31 December Lesley, Alex and Nicholas came round and we had a braai. Then we got out the Jenga blocks and had a lot of fun until the new year came in. The person who knocked the blocks over had to have a shot of "Hot Sex" - boy was this tasty!! Saw the new year in and then went to bed after tidying up a bit. New year, I got up early to take the dogs out and then chatted online until the others got up. Had coffee sitting with my feet in the pool. At about 11 we all decided that we needed something to eat, so we brought the gas cooker round to the front and we did bacon, eggs, fried onion and mushrooms and toast. Lounged around in the pool and mid afternoon had christmas cake. At about 5pm we took Lesley, Alex and Nicholas home and then popped in to see my folks in Yellow-wood Park.
Monkey watcher signing off ......