Tuesday, 23 February 2010

Card Making

Last Thursday I attended a card making workshop run by Belinda Hellerle (Bee). Boy, what fun. I found it a great way to make use of all the left over scraps of paper from scrapping - and I certainly have plenty. Bee uses lots of inspirational quotes which were also very nice and positive to use.

This card was a bit tricky as you have to cut it and then refold one of the sections. Once you understood what needed to be done it was a breeze and I ended up helping a few of the ladies to grasp the concept. I love how it turned out and I will certainly be making some more of these. The inside of the card where you can see the cutting.

Another three fold card, simple but very effective and I really enjoyed making this one. You could certainly adapt the size and it looks quite smart even though there is not much to it.

This card used a transparency as the base and then the paper etc on top of it. A nice different idea. You just have to be careful that all your sticking is hidden by what you put in the inside of the card.

Lots of fun and full of inspiration.

Thanks for looking.

Card maker signing off ....

Saturday, 13 February 2010

Midmar Mile 2010

After all the months of training, today was the day. Dereck and I left home just after 06h30 and got to Midmar Dam nice and early and managed to get the same spot we had last year. Everyone else arrives shortly thereafter. We had a copule of gazebos which we put up and then sat around chilling while waiting for the time to go and get our lift to the start.

The girls team consisted of Kate, myself, Shannon (Paula's friend) Glynis and Paula. Our team event was at 09h45. We were seeded depending on past races, so Kate was off
first in the red cap batch, I was second in the blue cap batch and then followed Paula, Shannon and Glynis in the next batch of yellow caps.
The weather was stunning - lovely blue skies and sun. The dam certainly looked very calm until you had to swim it!! then you felt the current and waves as boats drove up and down checking on us and the masses of people kicking and swimming into you.
Kate managed an impressive 31 minutes, Paula did 36 minutes, Shannon did 39 minutes, I did 46 minutes and Glynis did about 48 minutes. All very proud of our achievements.
The boys team - The Dark Lords - consisted of Darryl, Dereck and Sven. Darryl did 51 minutes and Sven did 39 minutes (and I am told that he did next to no training, although he is a surfer, so maybe that fitness counted!!) Dereck unfortunately ended up swallowing too much water and got himself into trouble and ended up being rescued and had a leisurely boat ride back to the finish. After the race, we all sat around chilling, some cooking breakfast on the skottle, while others decided to rather buy something to eat.
We ended up leaving there at about 2:30. A really fun day and all looking forward to next year.
Oh, by the way, the girls team were named the "glamourous gliding guppies" and Sven designed a logo for us (he also did the boys one on the shirts they are wearing), but we just did not have the time to get it printed, so next year at least we have our logo and will get shirts printed.
4 down 6 to go (to get my permanent number)
Midmar miler signing off.....

Friday, 12 February 2010

My Love - Izzy

The challenge over at Scrap A Tale was all about love. So I decided to do this page (based on a sketch) about my sausage dog Izzy.

The journalling is as follows:

On 7 November 2006 whilst driving down our road in 5 o’clock traffic Leanne noticed a little sausage dog darting up the road. I pulled into our drive way and by the time Leanne had got out, the little dog had already gone past our house and had crossed the road (Underwood Rd, which is very busy!). She ran after this little dog and managed to catch up with it. I walked down the road to see what was taking Leanne so long and met her with the cutest little sausage dog that melted my heart. I took her from Leanne and just cuddled her. She was as skinny as anything, her ears had no hair on them and were like leather and she was full of scratches on her tummy. We took her home and fed her and the next day phoned the local Vet and the SPCA. After 2 weeks no-one had claimed her and we decided that as she had already crept into our hearts, we would keep her.

She is my “little black shadow”. She follows me everywhere. She cuddles under the duvet with me at night. She jumps onto my lap when I am in the loo. She sits on my lap while watching TV. She has a pillow on my craft box where she sleeps while I scrap and when she is tired, she climbs under my t/shirt so that she can sleep. She has such a gentle nature and has never ever snatched food from anyone’s hand when they feed her. She loves me unconditionally and holds a special place in my heart.

Thanks for looking.
Doggie lover signing off ....