Monday, 10 September 2007

Birthday lunch

It was Shelley's birthday on 5 September and Kathy, Rayna, Nicky and I and obviously Shelley, met at Rayna's house for a wonderful lunch.

Louie (Rayna's man) made the most divine lamb curry. There was also basmati rice, lentils and onions, green salad, chopped banana, tomotoe and onion, mango chutney, a yoghurt chutney, pepperdew chutney, chicken & corn samoosas, potato samoosas, roti's and pappadums. It was a feast of note!! To quench our thirst we had red wine as well as a selection of fruit juices. After eating, I think we all could have gone for a lie down!!! Kathy brought pudding which was semolina and baked custard tarts. For me the semolina was like eating sweet flavoured noodles! It was very yummy.

We still managed to leave a small space for coffee and some divine Lindt chocolate balls - compliments of Louie. Thereafter we just sat chatting, listening to music (when Rayna managed to slap her player into control!!) and looking through her scrapbooks - again. This is something I really enjoy doing and we had looked at them when we got there.

Got home at about 6:00 (I think) and tiedied out my study as I had bought myself a huge self healing mat and needed the space on my desk. What a difference it has made.

Sunday, I decided that I was not doing any racing, but got up early anyway. I did 4 loads of washing, helped Dereck stick down some posters and then did a decoupage rubbish bin with all Winnie the Pooh characters for Leanne. I had bought this a while ago and just never got round to doing it. I will put up a picture this evening - so watch this space. I must say, I was quite pleased with the outcome and even Dereck and Grant commented on it.

Curried out signing off ...


Dereck said...

I thought you didn't like lamb curry :-)
Guess what I'll be making next ??

Desire Fourie said...

Now by the sound of it - this was a REAL feast. Shelley it seems like you had a wonderful time. Happy Birthday. Desire