Monday, 22 October 2007

Grant's New haircut

Last night Grant asked me to cut his hair. While he was getting everything ready, he then said that he wanted a "number 4". Lauren was having a good laugh at the thought of this and he then decided not to. Me, having heard this, egged him on and said that he should. Of course I had to take photos as I was cutting and leaving bits and pieces.
Here they are:

The end result - Lauren had a good laugh as she was not used to seeing Grant with so little hair, and Grant had a problem as his beanie was now too big!!!
Mom the hairdresser signing off ....


nuttylee said...

WOW.....been so long since I seen grant with so little hair.

Looks cool.

I'l be updating my blog this week, so let ppl know.

Love u!

Sophia said...

You have been tagged...