Saturday, 26 December 2009

An update on Biddy

On 23 December 2009, Biddy ran her first race. It was the second race at Greyville over 1000m. We had arranged a table of 20 at the Durban View Room (where you have a wonderful buffet supper and can watch out the glass windows). There was a delay with the first race as they had a false start. We all went down to the parade ring to watch her being saddled up by Paul Lafferty, her trainer (and also a part owner of her) and then watched her walk around the ring. The jockey came up to us and we all shook hands with him. A very nice little guy called Muzi Yeni. There was a serious storm looming and Paul had received a phone call from a friend of his in Umhlanga advising him that there was hail. There was also quite a bit of lightning. Anway, we then went up to the Durban View Room to watch her go to the start. And then the race began .... she jumped out of the starting pens and then didn't quite know what to do and lost about 2 lengths off the leader. She maintained her pace and got into the group and coming along the straight she was probably second last, but went on to run a fantastic race and deadheated for 3rd. Boy was that exiting. Our whole table was standing up and shouting for her. It was awesome. The report back was that she ran a great race and wanted to run and she should do very well next time out which is possibly on the 10 January 2010.

Today, Dereck and I went to the stables to see her. She really is a lovely horse and just likes to muzzle up to you. She was doing that to me and muzzling my tummy and sniffing my bag. I think I should find out if I can give her sugar cubes and then treat her!!

She has such a gentle nature and is a very special horse to us.

Horse kissed signing off ....


Desire Fourie said...

Biddy is too precious. I think she is going to love those cubes!

Andrea said...

What a wonderful, exciting experience, I am sure she will go on to run really well for you!

Jose said...

Sounds like you had a fun day, and Im sure she will soon get used to the starting pens. Not so sure about the sugar cubes, perhaps it might have to be a carrot :)

Helen Tilbury said...

Hope you had a wonderful Christmas Michelle & Happy New Year! I used to give my horsey horse-cubes {solid feed that looks like big bullets} & carrots as a treat..Sounds like yours is a winner - sure she will do even better next time now that she has experienced the starting stalls.

Sophia said...

Biddy is too sweet and precious.

As for the Scissors, not too sure, you might ahve to ask her!!!