Saturday, 13 February 2010

Midmar Mile 2010

After all the months of training, today was the day. Dereck and I left home just after 06h30 and got to Midmar Dam nice and early and managed to get the same spot we had last year. Everyone else arrives shortly thereafter. We had a copule of gazebos which we put up and then sat around chilling while waiting for the time to go and get our lift to the start.

The girls team consisted of Kate, myself, Shannon (Paula's friend) Glynis and Paula. Our team event was at 09h45. We were seeded depending on past races, so Kate was off
first in the red cap batch, I was second in the blue cap batch and then followed Paula, Shannon and Glynis in the next batch of yellow caps.
The weather was stunning - lovely blue skies and sun. The dam certainly looked very calm until you had to swim it!! then you felt the current and waves as boats drove up and down checking on us and the masses of people kicking and swimming into you.
Kate managed an impressive 31 minutes, Paula did 36 minutes, Shannon did 39 minutes, I did 46 minutes and Glynis did about 48 minutes. All very proud of our achievements.
The boys team - The Dark Lords - consisted of Darryl, Dereck and Sven. Darryl did 51 minutes and Sven did 39 minutes (and I am told that he did next to no training, although he is a surfer, so maybe that fitness counted!!) Dereck unfortunately ended up swallowing too much water and got himself into trouble and ended up being rescued and had a leisurely boat ride back to the finish. After the race, we all sat around chilling, some cooking breakfast on the skottle, while others decided to rather buy something to eat.
We ended up leaving there at about 2:30. A really fun day and all looking forward to next year.
Oh, by the way, the girls team were named the "glamourous gliding guppies" and Sven designed a logo for us (he also did the boys one on the shirts they are wearing), but we just did not have the time to get it printed, so next year at least we have our logo and will get shirts printed.
4 down 6 to go (to get my permanent number)
Midmar miler signing off.....


Andrea said...

WELL DONE! I have wondered why you have been so scarse and think now maybe it was all the training - such an achievement!

Helen Tilbury said...

Congratulations Michelle! What a fantastic achievement - I am always in awe of all your sporting endeavours!

Jacqui Bourne said...

Well done Michelle!!! I was at midmar yesterday too, supporting my hubby who also swam in the 9:45 race.. It sure was hot walking around - you definitely had the better option!! Well done again!!

Desire Fourie said...

Well done to the glamourous gliding guppies, you sure finished in glamarous times as well.

Tracy said...

WOW! What an AWESOME accomplishment ... WELL DONE!!

Love, Tracy G