Thursday, 13 May 2010

Making Cards

Hello everyone, I am back. I have been busy playing FarmVille on Facebook, much to the annoyance of Dereck as it uses a lot of bandwidth. But.... I have also been busy - painting ceramic vases (which just needs one more coat of varnish, painting boxes in preparation for some folk art painting lessons, been to Cape Town to assist Desire who had been asked by Forever Memories to teach a class, scrapping my USA layouts - I am now on the Las Vegas part of our trip, mosaicing a frame around a mirror that I have and of course making cards. I have been to a couple of lessons with Bee in Durban North and have thoroughly enjoyed them. I was browsing the web recently and found the instructions for the cards I made below. They are really cute and I have used scraps of paper to make them, so it is one way of using up my scraps and creating something nice.

This card below is for Leanne. It is her birthday on 20 May and Grant is leaving tomorrow for a 2 week holiday in Wales with her. I am sure she is going to love it as Winnie the Pooh is her favourite.

This card is for a special friend, Kathy who, as you have guessed, turns 50 and Shelley, Rayna and I will be seeing her on the week-end. I am sure she is going to enjoy getting this cute little card along with her present. She can at least tell me what being 50 is like so that when I get there I will know how to feel - ha ha ha.

Card maker signing off ....

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Desire Fourie said...

Mmm ... you must just nog let your crops rot on your Farm hey! Love these cute little cards and it was great seeing one in real life. Leanne is going to love it and of course the cake you are sending over.