Thursday, 27 December 2007

New Ultrasonic Lense

I must have been really good this year, as this is one of the things I received for Christmas - a Canon Ultrasonic 75 - 300mm lense. There is a story to this ... My best friend, Gigs who lives in London, was coming out to SA in December, so Dereck got hold of her and made arrangements to purchase this via Amazon and got it delivered to her work and when she came out he then went to visit her and collected it. I had no idea whatsoever. When I opened it, I was hugely surprised and really excited and my comment was that due to this being so heavy, I would need to get myself a monopod. My next present given to me, take a guess - yip, a monopod. I also received a UV filter fo this new lense as well as a lense hood.

I also received two t/shirt tops, a beach chair, some yummy chocolates, some scrapping embelishments and a fun present consisting of 4 packs of clothes pegs!.

Spoilt rotten signing off ...
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Desire Fourie said...

Now you must have been on your very best behaviour during 2007 to deserve this ... please pass on some tips, if any ... No, but really, I am so happy for you. Now you will have to take lots of close up portraits and visit Africa's animal kingdoms and also roam your garden for unusual creatures. Hats off to Dereck, he just knows which buttons to press .... Enjoy this brand new very handy piece of scrapping equipment. Love Desire