Monday, 04 February 2008

An African Day Spa experience

I mentioned in a previous post that Dereck and I had won a full day spa treatment at the Mangwanani Spa at the Sibaya Casino Complex. Well, on Saturday it was our day of pampering, and what a day it was!!

On arrival we were met at the door by a lady from the Spa who took us to where we needed to be. As we entered we were greeted by all the Spa ladies signing in Zulu. We were given a welcome drink and then we were shown to the restaurant area and to our designated table. On the table was a glass made up of museli and yoghurt and we could help ourselves to muffins and scones. The hostess came and explained what we would be doing for the day and at about 09h00 we were taken to our first treatment - a spa treatment. I had a body scrub and a massage - fantastic. Dereck also had a massage, but had some cream rubbed all over which he then had to wash off. Once that was over, we went back to our table to wait to be escourted to the next treatment which was the jaccuzi. This was nice and relaxing, although the day was rather hot and we did get a bit hot in this warm bubbly water. But, it was different and I certainly enjoyed it. We then went back to our table and had something to drink. We were escourted to our next treatment which was the foot massage. We had a scrub using grape seed oil with sugar and was quite an amazing feeling. Then washed off with rose water and some other natural cream was massaged into our legs and feet. We both really felt great after that. We went back to the table and lunch consisting of a roast chicken salad followed by cheesecake and ice-cream went down really well. For anyone who was there due to a special occasion, the staff gathered round their table and in Zulu sang to them. There were quite a few birthdays and anniversaries and it was lovely the way they sang. After lunch we went for our hand and arm massage. This process was the same as the foot one and most enjoyable. The foot and hand massage took place under a "boma" outside, so with the lovely weather, really made me sleepy! After this we waited at our table to be taken to the head and neck department. This was amazing and I dozed off and was woken by the beating of drums signaling the end of the session. Back to our table where we had cheese and biscuits and a fruit cocktail. Our next treatment was a full body destress massage with hot stones. This was so relaxing, that I dozed off again. It was such an amazing feeling, especially when the hot stones were rubbed over you and then stratecigally placed. Back to the table and then taken to our last treatment which was the facial. I just closed my eyes and enjoyed the moment. I am not one for facials, but this was all natural products and my face really felt refreshed afterwards. Woken up to reality by the drums again and went to have a shower and then back to the table where a glass of Amarula cream and a chocolate were waiting. This was an experience of note and I would recommend it to anyone out there who would like to have a day to themselves (or share with someone). We were treated like royalty and everyone went out of their way to make you feel good. The masseurs were excellent and explained exactly what they were going to do each time and with the massages you had a choice of soft, medium or hard massaging.

I don't have any photos as we weren't sure about taking photos with other people as we knew that there were going to be others as well. Also, after the treatments you are quite greasy and they do say leave all your valuables at home. Now that I have been, one could take a camera as the Spa Village is a really quaint set up.

Spa..ed out siginng off.


Desire Fourie said...

Sjoe, I am feeling quite dozy and relaxed after just reading your about your experience, can just imagine how you and Dereck felt experiencing it first hand. You probably are still quite mellowed out and are going through Monday's blues like a breeze. You've just convinced me to go and have a spa experience.

Sophia said...

OMG thanks for the update, been dying to hear how it all went...MMmmm need to bribe hubby to take me too now...

Glad you had fun!!!