Wednesday, 23 January 2008

It's a Dogs Life on the Beach

Last Sunday morning Dereck and I put harnesses on our dogs - Zippa, Jemma and Izzy and met Lesley and Nicholas at their flat while they loaded their dog - Glen into their car. We then drove down to Blue Lagoon and let the dogs run on the beach. Jemma, Izzy and Glen were fine, but the minute Zippa touched the sand, she dug her feet in and would not move. It was so funny seeing this big dog just lying down on the grass facing the other way to the sea. Dereck and Nicholas eventually picked her up and brought her to the grass where we were, but she managed to wriggle out of her harness and went "galloping" towards the car. A man standing there took one look at this and ran for cover and jumped back into his car - this was such a funny sight as Zippa wasn't even going in his pathway!

Eventually Lesley and I walked with the other dogs towards the water, found a spot to put down her bag and took the dogs into the water. Jemma and Izzy were a bit hesitant, but Glen absolutely loved it and was really having a lot of fun.

While Lesley was walking along the beach with Jemma, a wave came up in front of Jemma and she walked through it. I then took Jemma and ran up and down the beach into the waves and she had an absolute ball, even jumping over the really tiny waves.

Izzy was not having any of this getting wet and shyed away from any water. She enjoyed the beach though and had good fun rolling in the sand and while we waited on the grass, rolled around in that too.

Zippa just was not interested in the water! If it looked like it was coming towards her, she turned and moved away. She enjoyed the sand, but definitely not the water!!

We weren't there for too long and by the time we left all three dogs were exhausted. Zippa and Jemma just lay on the back seat while Izzy lay on floor at the front.

When we got home Jemma and Izzy had a bath.
A great fun but relaxing day had by all.

Beach dog owner signing off ...

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Desire Fourie said...

Very interesting that Zippa the biggest of all were the whimp. It would be quite interesting to read up on the different breads of the dogs and see where their ancestors came from and what they were traditionally bred for. Perhaps Zippa's fear lies in her genes! Well, I have got a lot of empathy for the guy jumping into his car spotting Zippa making a bee line for the cars - I have got the exact same fear of strange dogs and probably would have been much faster in the car than he did. The pooches definitely rule in the Ramsay household.