Sunday, 13 April 2008

Spare Room Makeover!

We have a spare room in our house, which is where I normally do my scrapping, sewing, card making and sometimes where a guest would sleep when they came to visit. Now that Leanne has left home, her room is available as a spare room and I decided that I was going to give the original spare room a make over. So, to begin with I wanted the carpets lifted as we have parke flooring underneath and we are having that sanded and varnished. Then I wanted the cupboards out and replaced in a different position in the room. The walls had to be repainted as they were a different colour behind the cupboards.

So this week-end has been spent emptying the cupboards, taking out my desk and sewing cabinet, taking down the cupboards, lifting the carpet and painting the walls. I still need to do some more painting as the new paint I got is slightly darker than what is currently on the wall, and although Dereck and Grant say you can't really notice it, being me, I can. Here are some of the before pictures:

I will carry on tomorrow and finish the painting, once I get home from work.

Keep a lookout for updates as the room progresses.

Paintergirl signing off ...

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Desire Fourie said...

You are wetting our curiosity and are putting it on hold until the next update ... not fair. Well, the colours are definitely conforming with your favourite i.e. lilac/lavender!! Can't wait to see the final reveal. Must say you and Dereck seem to have boundless energy ... what is your secret?