Sunday, 13 April 2008

Ubizane Zululand Tree Lodge update 2

We saw quite a few birds, but obviously could not get pictures of them all. Here are a few I managed to get a picture of:

The first one is a type of swallow, the second a red backed shrike, the third a large owl and the fourth a European Roller.

We also saw quite a few animals and below are pictures of them. These were a combination of the animals seen at this lodge as well as the Hluhluwe Reserve which we went to on the Sunday morning:

There were quite a few monkeys around and they were really rather cheeky. They came on to the tables at breakfast and were stealing the sugar and the yoghurts behind the counter!! These are pictures I took on Saturday morning after we had breakfast and were just lazying in our room deciding what to do:We went for a drive into Hluhluwe, but there was really nothing there - just extremely busy with shoppers on a Saturday. We took a drive to see where the Hluhluwe Game Reserve was and then went back to our tree house. I wandered around taking pictures of the buck that were roaming under our tree house and just watched them, then spent quite a while just sitting back enjoying the surroundings and reading a book that I had brought along. At 4pm we went for another game drive, but not before a monkey sneaked into our room and helped itself to all our sugar (second time as they came in the day before and stole it as well):

On Sunday we got up at 05h30 to leave at 6am to go to the Hluhluwe Game Reserve. This was really great and we were hoping to see lion, but that was not to be. We saw quite a few animals (pictures above) which was great. The rhino we saw had a young one with him and he didn't like the fact that the game vehicle was so close and he kept coming towards us. Once the baby had walked into the bush, then the daddy rhino walked away!!

Once we got back, we had breakfast and then started packing up our things. While Dereck was taking a shower I was just chilling on the bed staring out the door and something caught my eye in the tree. I quickly put my zoom lens on the camera and took pictures so that I could see what it was - horrors of horrors it was a snake!! But having had first hand exprience with one in my house a while ago, I recognised it as a Varigated Bush Snake and thankfully it was in a tree not so close to us. Thankfully we were leaving that morning, otherwise I would have wondered where the snake was!!
We really had a great relaxing time. The food was great and we had perfect weather and it was just what we both needed.

Bushed out signing off ...

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Desire Fourie said...

Love all the animals. These monkeys sure have a sweet tooth ... must surely all be females ... what is that warthog doing??