Saturday, 03 May 2008

Craft Room Makeover

The big reveal is finally here! My cupboards were put in on Wednesday and while Leanne was out with her aunt Liesel, I spent the day packing my cupboards and clearing out Dereck's office, which I had been using as my scrapping space. The top two pictures were where the original cupboards used to be and the cupboards are now on the wall opposite and are the whole length of the wall with a corner cupboard for easy access to my scrapping supplies!! I have labelled all my containers so that anyone looking for anything will see where things are - eg christmas decorations, general stationery, disney stamps, word stamps etc etc.

I have ordered my table and once it is received, I will post so that you can see what it looks like.

Happy scrapper signing off ...
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Desire Fourie said...

You must definitely be in scrappers heaven with all that cupboard space for supply storage ... a scrapper can never have enough scrapping goodies. The lilac coloured walls is the perfect backdrop/contrast for the wood finishing of the cupboards. Now I just hope that scrappers table is big enough for scrap-crashers appearing on your doorstep awaiting their scrap-fix. Enjoy all the space!

Steffi said...

Really nice cupboards and nice room!Your blog is really nice!Greetings from Hamburg/Germany!


Desire Fourie said...

Now what is happening their in Durbs ... really seems like nothing ... are you still kicking? ... no blogging since 3 May!!! It must be Doing Life that is so exhausting on you!