Monday, 01 December 2008

Boys and their Toys and some Chicks!

For a while Dereck has been talking about getting a new car. Well, he decided last week that the time was right and went in and ordered his Mazda MX5. On Saturday at 9:00am we went in to collect it.

The car dealer had a sign on the wall congratulating Dereck on his new car and it was on the showroom floor with a black cloth draped over it. Dereck had to pull the cloth off to reveal the car. After all the formalities were over, we drove away and went to show it to my mom, dad and sister (who was at their house visiting). We just missed my dad, but he came round later to see the car.

All I can say is WOW, it is an awesome "little" car and goes very nicely. I haven't had a chance to drive it yet, but just wait until I do!!!!

Here is what it looks like:

My dad's Bantom chickens recently had chicks, one of them being white with black specks. The mom and dad are a golden colour, so not sure where it came from! Here are some of them:

Hot chick signing off ....


Daniel Askeland said...


Seen some of your work now.. must say that I liked your scrapbook-pages alot!!

How do you manage to make them so special and beautiful?

Greetings from Daniel

Desire Fourie said...

Now is that a handsome guy for you, especially with an even handsomer car next to him. Hope you both will have many happy km's in your new toy on wheels.

Ag man those bantoms are just so so cute ... you know its one of my dreams to have ducks or bantoms in my garden ... perhaps one day.

Hugs from Desire

Libby said...

Wow! I really need a car like that!!

Tracy said...

Oooh .... nice ... you lucky, lucky man ...

Love, Tracy

nuttylee said...

Everytime I phone you guys, you're always saying you have "no news" but yet I'm the last to know that Dad has a new car!!!!

Very nice by the way!!!!

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lol,so nice