Tuesday, 30 December 2008

Christmas Morning & Christmas Eve

Grant actually came and woke up Dereck and I at 7h15 so that we could open our presents!! If you know Grant, this is very rare as we battle to get him out of bed every morning!!! Anyway Dereck played Santa and dished out all the presents. His rather large present which was hidden in Leanne's cupboard was brought out just when he thought there were no more presents. Boy was he surprised. Once opened he saw that it was a racing car seat for his playstation racing game. He and Grant set it all up (he already had a steering wheel which was attached to a little table and the feet pedals) and it was quite difficult to get him away!!.

I then proceeded to make a bread and the famous Ramsay Ginger pudding which turned out absolutely divine!!! I had made a tester on the Sunday, to make sure that I got it right. It is so simple and I can't believe that I hae never tried to make it before. I haven't uploaded the photos from Christmas day yet, so will do another post about what we did.

Below are pictures from Christmas Eve. The Engler family get together so that we don't have to rush around on Christmas morning visiting each other before we have lunch. This was a special get together as Malcolm, Carol, Byron and Cassandra are leaving to go to New Zealand in late January 2009, so it was one of the last occasions to get a family shot. I took the opportunity of getting the various families as well as brothers and sisters and the whole family. We then proceeded to have dinner at the table Debbie had set out so nicely - more photos to follow! Dinner consisted of Curry and Rice (made by Malcolm - it is divine), roast chickens (by Debbie) a pasta dish (made by me) and salad. Pudding was trifle (made by my mom - very yummy) and ice-cream and chocolate sauce. Finishing off with Beacon favourite chocolates. All in all a great afternoon/evening and it was great to get such lovely family pictures. I can't wait to do a scrap page! I will also be sending these to Leanne as she wants to enlarge some to put up on her wall, now that she is renting her own place.

Another post to follow.

Happy snapper signing off .....


Sophia said...

Looks like lots of fun was had.

Hey you won something over at Wilna's blog...go take a looksy!

Andrea said...

Sounds like you had lots of fun, lovely to get those family photos...you never know where life will take you and you need to grab the moments when they present themselves.....last christmas I had no idea I would be spending this one so far away from family!!!!

Hope you have a blessed and peaceful new year.


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Desire Fourie said...

Lovely family pics Michelle. I know every one always complain about having their photos taken, but in years to come, they will all treasure these photos. Hugs from Desire

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