Monday, 19 January 2009

BOM Challenge #13 - Creature Comforts

Here is my layout on the latest BOM Challenge #13 (found on Tracy's blog)regarding our "Comforts": And the journalling reads as follows:

"Everything I have gives me comfort and these things also give me a lot of pleasure as I remember how I came about owning them. I feel that I am a fairly easy going person. There is nothing as such that I could not live without. If I don’t have it I do without it, although I choose not to be without my lipstick and always carry one around with me. The other thing that I feel lost without, is a watch and have always worn one.

When going away, I always make sure that I have my hairdryer with me as if my hair is not dried nicely, I don’t feel right.

I find it very relaxing looking at my Beatrix Potter and Swarovski crystal figurines as these bring back memories of many overseas trips or special gifts from family and friends.

I absolutely love music and dancing. My taste in music is such that if you can dance to it I enjoy it. There have been many times whilst I have been scrapping that I have stopped to have a quick dance to a song that I really enjoy. I have a mini hi-fi set in my scrap room and have a few compilations of “older” music which I sooo enjoy and listen to often. I don’t dance enough and would love to take up ballroom dancing, but Dereck hates it!! If I have the house to myself, I put a selection of music in the hi-fi in the bar, turn up the sound loud and totally have a ball!!

I find a lot of comfort and pleasure in reading a good adventure book. Dereck and I have similar tastes, so we have been lucky in that department. Occasionally I will read a soppy book just because but that is not too often. I also enjoy movies as does Dereck, so we often watch movies on TV or go to the movies. Sometimes we go and watch different movies!!

I love being with people and especially my friends and family. There is something about each friend that makes them special to me. Special friends in my life at the moment are Ingrid (Gigs who I have known since 1970 and who currently lives in London and we are still in regular contact), Shelley, Desire, Rayna, Kathy and Audrey. These friends are easy to talk to, I love being with them and I always have a great time with them.

Believe it or not, I enjoy exercising – be it walking, doing gym or currently swimming (I am training for the Midmar Mile on 7 February 2009). I get such satisfaction after my training sessions!

I love comedy and this would be one thing to really cheer me up. I have a great sense of humour and I see the funny side of other people’s misfortunes – not that I would like them to happen to me!

I love making things and get great comfort in seeing the finished product. I also get great pleasure in giving things to people, especially seeing their joy and appreciation of what they have received.

Comfort foods ... well I can’t say that I need a reason to eat!! But, I really do enjoy chocolate, especially with nuts in it, nougat, marzipan, lemon meringue pie and ice-cream, to name a few. I have a sweet tooth and just love food in general.

Since I started scrapping in 2002, I have got to appreciate my camera and get a lot of enjoyment in taking pictures of those special moments with friends, family and holidays.

I enjoy just sitting in my garden and watching the birds. I get huge satisfaction watching monkeys – they certainly entertain me and I am totally fascinated in watching them.

When my friends and I get together we talk about any issues or situations we may have, but I don’t just phone them up to discuss matters. If I am upset, I would either go and scrap, do something on the computer or go and read a book.

I am comfortable within myself and therefore comfortable in most situations."

What are your comforts?

Thanks for looking.

Comfortable signing off .....


Desire Fourie said...

Michelle, this is a lovely page with great journaling which will give your grand grand children a real insight to you are/have been. Very honoured to be one of your friends and vice versa.
Hop over to Doing Life, there are some awards waiting for you. Have a great week and I'll see you Sunday, can't wait. Hugs from Desire

Helen Tilbury said...

Perfect photos & great journalling. So great to keep this kind of record. I still haven't had the time to do a BOM cos the photos are always of someone else. Impressed you are training for the Midmar Mile, Good Luck with that! ;-)

Desire Fourie said...

Hi again. Forgot to mention that there are some awards waiting for you over at Doing Life. Hugs from Desire

Andrea said...

Hi Michelle, love that you are comfortable within yourself, I think if you can achieve that you have achieved many of us rage against who or what we are....I say VIVA LA ME and so obviously do you.


Libby said...

Lovely layout Michelle :)

I can just picture you dancing around and having a ball !!

Desire Fourie said...

Michelle, there is an award waiting for you at DOING LIFE
Hugs from Desire