Thursday, 01 January 2009


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Hope you all had a great evening. Grant and Lauren spent the evening with friends and they slept over as well. Dereck and I went round to Lesley & Alec's place. Alec made the most divine curry which we had with rice, sambals and garlic bread and I surprised them with my Ginger Pudding (I will give you the recipe once I have uploaded the photos I took!!)

Once we finished supper, we sat around listening to a great music selection from my youth while playing 30 seconds. At midnight we opened up the bubbly and watched all the fireworks going off in the area. I think we got home just before 1am. A great night and felt good this morning.

We got up late this morning and Dereck made us breakfast. He then went to playing on his racing game and I did some scrapping. In the afternoon, we went round to my mom and dad where my sister Liesel and brother Warren, Debbie, Luke and Rebekah were. We played a game called "Park and Shop" which was fun. This is a game I used to play often as a child!

My dad's Bantam chickens have had more chickens and there are 10 of them that are 2 weeks old. I am sad that I didn't take my camera, as they are just soooo cute!

New Year chick signing off ....


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Desire Fourie said...

Wishing you, Dereck and the family a 2009 filled to the brim with love, happiness and good health. Hugs from Desire
PS: Would have loved to see those Bantam chicks.

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