Sunday, 08 November 2009

A Day at uShaka

During the week, Leanne had asked if we could go to uShaka, if the weather was nice. We checked the papers and saw that Sunday was predicted to be about 35 degrees. We went onto the uShaka website just to check the times etc and saw that they were having a competition and if you entered and then referred 4 more people, you received a half price combo ticket. So, I entered and then forwarded on Dereck, Leanne, Grant and Lauren's names and they each went in and entered so we all had half price tickets. Today turned out to be an awesome day and we got ready and headed off down to uShaka arriving there at about 10h15. We found a nice spot under a tree on the grass and close the the rides and set ourselves up. Grant, Lauren and her sister Michaela and Leanne went off first to check out and sample the rides while Dereck and I waited with all our things. It was so nice to just lie around enjoying life and watching the other people around us.
This is one of the rides we went on - yes, even I went down quite a few of them, but this one was hilarious as you go down in a tube and at the bottom there was another tube in my lane and when I hit it, I got knocked out of mine - I was hysterical laughing!!!! and trying to make sure that my costume was still in all the right places - ha ha.

I felt like a kid going on all the rides and then having a good laugh at the end. Each time Dereck and I went on a ride, he would start off first, I would wait a while before going down and ended up catching up with him and pushing him down and then landing on top of him in the pool at the end - we really had so much fun and laughter!!!

At 2:30 we went to the Acquarium and watched the sharks being fed and thereafter headed off to watch the dolphin show. They said they were looking for someone to meet a dolphin and you had to shout or jump around to be noticed and guess what - I was noticed!!!! I was called down and went into the dophin show area and told to sit on the rock above and wait to be called.

Then I went to meet Kelpie an Indian Ocean bottlenose dolphin. I stroked his chest. What an amazing feeling - he was so soft.

Then I gave him two pieces of fish and the best was giving him kisses. He just balanced while I gave him quite a few kisses - a memory I will treasure forever. (sorry this picture came out the wrong way).

After that I had to waive to him and he rolled onto his back and waved his fins. It was such an awesome experience.

We watched the rest of the show and then Leanne, Grant and I had our picture taken with a dolphin which happened to be Kelpie again.
After wandering through the shopping mall, we eventually left uShaka at about 4:15. We all had a wonderful, fun filled day. Although I did put sunscreen on me, I did get a bit burnt, but I am not sore, just look nice and healthy.
Lauren made us supper and then her and Grant went out for supper!!
Dolphin lover signing off ....


Pumpy said...

You sure had a good day Michelle. Lovely SA.

Helen Tilbury said...

Wow Michelle - What a day! What a cool experience to be chosen to be the dolphin handler for a bit...weekends are the best aren't they? Sometimes lovely to just chill & create & other times to go out & have fun!

Desire Fourie said...

It sure sounds like you all had tons of fun and what an awesome experience being so intimate with Kelpie. But I have once again learnt something new and astonishing about you ... never knew you are a jumper and a shouter ... ha ha ha

Cathy said...

Oh so glad you had an awesome day... memories like this are once in a lifetime ones!

Tracy said...

How WOW!! That is certainly an experience of a lifetime ... you lucky girl you ...

And congrats on the time of your last walk ...

Love, Tracy G

Jose said...

Sounds like you had a really good time, and loved the photographs

Andrea said...

How lovely Michelle, it is memories and moments like those that we can treasure forever and they see us through all the tough bits....glad you got to be a kid again, Ushaka ALWAYS does that to me too!