Saturday, 07 November 2009

The first week of November 2009

This has been a very special week for me as Leanne arrived on Monday at 9:00am from Cardiff, to spend a holiday with us until 4 December. It has really been great having her at home. We had a braai on Monday evening and the family came round and surprised them all with gifts from overseas.

Tuesday, Dereck and I went to gym and had a good session.

Wednesday, Dereck and I had our gym session with our trainer Helen aka the Dragon Lady. We (I) had a wonderful session and felt really great afterwards. Wednesday evening was the final of the inter-club Ladies time trial which took place at Forest Hills. I managed a time of 30 minutes for 4km and considering the last time I did this particular time trial was the same time last year where I did a time of 29,5 minutes, I was pretty pleased with myself. Ollie Mundell a Springbok walker congratulated me afterwards on my great walking style and that it was a pleasure seeing a person walking correctly. Well, that just gave me a fantastic confidence boost.

Thursday , I took my lunch break early and left at 3:45, came home and collected Leanne and off we went to the Pavilion to the movies. We saw "The Ugly Truth". What a brilliant movie. It is about a tv show the ugly truth and is a bit of a love story (not all soppy) with loads of humour. I was trying hard not to laugh too loudly!!! There was a problem with the movie in that it kept going blury and we all thought it was our eyes!!. We complained to the manager afterwards and he admitted they had done something wrong when waxing the movie and we all got a free ticket. So it was worth complaining.

Friday, was a really busy day at work and I only got home at 6:00pm. Leanne was going out to a friend's house so I dropped her off and then Grant and Lauren needed a lift to their hang out up the road. I just pottered round the house and sorted out a few things.

Saturday, I had my manicure and Leanne was treated to an Indian Head Massage and a back massage which she really enjoyed. After doing a bit of shopping we came home and then decided to go down to Suncoast beach. Well, it was certainly hotter in Pinetown than it was down in Durban. We stayed for about 90 minutes, bought an ice-cream and then came home and swam. Yes, I had my first swim this year and I must say it was rather pleasant once I was in. Now we are just chilling and while all the children are probably going out tonight, Dereck and I might go to the early movies.

Tomorrow we are planning on going to uShaka. We all entered a competition and referred people so have all managed to get half price tickets. Hope the weather is great!!

Excited signing off ....

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Desire Fourie said...

Oh I am delighted to hear that Leanne arrived safely and that you are having such a great time catching up and getting some quality Mom and daughter time. All I know is that you are going to be so sad to say goodbye on 4 Dec, but one person's loss is the other's joy ... can't wait for your visit here with us in Gauteng from 4 Dec.
Enjoy every moment with Leanne.
PS: Have not taken a dip yet this summer ... you've planted the seed.