Thursday, 07 June 2007

A Day of Walking

Yes, I know I haven't had too much to say lately, but here is an update from Sunday.

There was a crowd of us who entered the Forest Hills 10km race. At the 500metre mark, Reg achieved 5000km in cumulative mileage from races participated in and celebrated by having some coke poured over his head! Well done Reg. Sharon ran in a time of 58 minutes, Jack closely behind her (I think), Jeanine walked in 65 minutes coming in as second lady (you go girl!!), Reg and Kathy in 77 minutes, I finished in 78:31 - I kept Reg and Kathy in my sight then followed closely with George in 79:45 (I think), Dereck and Little Dave finished in about 88 minutes. This was a fast, flat course in a figure of eight and we always receive really nice T/shirts at the finish. The weather was perfect and I really had a great walk. Then immediately we had finished, Jack, Reg, Sharon, Jeanine and I changed into our yellow East Coast Radio t/shirts and off we went down to the Suncoast Casino where we all took part in the 9.495km event. This was a load of fun - crowded, but we just had a cool down! There were bout 7 000 people some with prams, some with dogs, some with children and some just walking really really sloooowly. Sharon and Jack met up with some of the Umhlatuze walkers and they went on ahead and Reg, Jeanine and I just kept a steady pace amongst the crowds.

At the finish we received some Aquelle water and a goodie bag filled with a bottle of water, a magazine, some house smellies and some had soap and I got muselie. All in all a lot of fun clocking up a further 19.495 kms for the challenge.

Here is a picture of myself, Reg, Sharon and Jeanine taken by JACK MARGOLIS, once we had got back to the car.

Once I had got home and had a shower, Dereck and I decided to go to the Pavilion and see the movie NEXT with Nicholas Cage (what a hunk). This was a really great movie and I would recommend you go and see it.

I am still working on photographing my layouts and in particular Leanne's 21 album, so watch this space for some updates soon.

All walked out signing off ...

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Desire Fourie said...

At last some fresh news. Thought you partied so hard at Leanne's 21st that you were still nurturing a barbie. Well done on finishing two 10km races during the same morning. I noticed that the two 10km's did not quite add up to 20km - which one was the shorter one? Can't wait to see Leanne's 21st album(s). DOING LIFE signing off.