Saturday, 26 May 2007

Time to reveal the meaning of my long name!!

I started with OW being the Outside Walker and other names got added - so here is the full meaning:

OW - outside walker
MoBHG - member of the Botha's Hill Gang
TPGC - Teacha's Pet Gate Crasher
MFV - Most Frequent Visitor on Doing Life
DLA - Doing Life's Aassistant (from 27 Jan)
DLEWotN - Doing Life's Eye Witness on the Net

With regards the last one, I was looking on a site and saw a layout that I knew was Desire's, but it had someone else's name on it. I "reported" it to Desire, and shortly thereafter got an e-mail from her giving me the extra title.

So, there you have it!

The person closest to guessing all the titles was Libby (aka the Teacha's Pet). Well done - some of your guesses were quite appropriate too!!

All revealed signing off.....


I am Desire Fourie from said...

Prompt I say, prompt! Now, I must say some of those abbreviations als had me going - but now everything is loud and clear. So who was the closest to guessing most of it? When are we seeing some layouts in flickers and slider? You know that there is no rest for tha wicked.

Anonymous said...

Well done Michelle, I am very impressed with your page, very nice.


Libby (The darling teacha's most favorite pet ) said...

Hi Michelle, your blog is looking really good and taking shape beautifully. I'm very pleased to see that I was the closest to guessing them right, but had me really confused on some of those abbreviations :) Hope you are well......when are you joining the TP gang for some scrapping? It would be great to see you.

Desire Fourie said...

Ag no man - your long name has now become extra loooong - after a week and a half of looking at the same old reveal - how about some news! You know whose on your case!