Friday, 06 July 2007

Extension of Birthday

Well this has really been slack, but to fill you in - here goes:

On Saturday, 16 June, I had a few of my walking friends around for a braai. It was great fun and I received a scrapping voucher from Rayna, Louie and Shelley, a treatment voucher for a spa place in Heritage Market from Sharon, John, Jeanine, Warren, Kathy, Dave, Ant, Oom (Reg) & Louisa, some chocolates (my favourite Belgian ones) and foot treatments from George and Jeanette, some bath goodies from Kathy and a lovely plant from Darryl and Bev. Sharon & John couldn't join us as Sharon needed all the sleep she could get in preparation for her first comrades the next day.

When Dereck sent out the notice he put a "sad" face next to the comment - music supplied by Michelle. I don't enjoy his taste in music and as this was my party the music was to be my choice. I think everyone enjoyed the selection, but Warren had a few comments and everytime something lively came on he would refer to Dave and anyone sitting next to him as "Dave and the Doughnuts". It really was so funny as when you looked at Dave, he would be bopping to the music and only made us laugh even more.

A great evening was had by all and quite a bit of drinking was done.

Recovered birthday girl signing off ...

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Desire Fourie said...

I can imagine that your choice of musice good be a mix of golden oldies and smooth sounding modern tunes. I am sympathising with Dereck seeing that I know you definitely don't like the Coleskie's neither heavy metal. Just watch it, the Coleskie's may turn up at Cathedral Peak.