Sunday, 22 July 2007

Photographing and Scrapping at Cathedral Peak

Well, we are back from a fantastic 4 day photographing and scrapping extravaganza at Cathedral Peak, organised by Desire Fourie (the teacha). We (Dereck and I) arrived on Thursday morning and met Shelley & Rayna on the terrace for morning tea. We sat around chatting until everyone else arrived - Sheila, Carolynn, Desire, Conroy, Denise, Henry, Bev, Graham (who only arrived much later), Retha, JC, Karen and Riaan. We had a buffet lunch and thereafter started with our photography lecture. This was to enlighten us on how to compose the "perfect picture". We were all given a worksheet of what photos to take, with hints and tips to assist us. We had a buffet supper, sat around chatting and had an earliesh night, ready for the morning!

Friday morning, we all met for our buffet breakfast at 7am and then met again afterwards for our hike to "Neptune's Pool". This was a 5km walk (as advised by Desire!) but it was actually about 9.5km. We had a fantastic guide - Moses - who always made sure we knew where we were going and waiting patiently for us as we stopped to take our "required" photos. Here are a few of the view on the way to the pool.
At the pool we sat and ate our picnic lunch, took some more photos and then headed back to the hotel. A few more adventurous people took a slight detour and saw some cavemen paintings - Dereck was one of them!
After tea, the next serious part of the getaway began - a new scrapping layout. This is my end result - it was when I went to a scrapping week-end in March at the Bundu Safari Lodge. I flew there and this layout is of the airport which had a very rustic feel to it.

Everyone was quiet tired after the looong walk and fresh mountain air, so after our buffet supper, beds were calling.

Saturday morning after breakfast, Dereck went to play a game of golf, and the scrapping ladies went to a spot at the bottom of the hill to take portrait pictures. We had loads of fun. Once this task was complete, we had tea and then started on our second layout. Mine was of Grant and Lauren at her Matric Dance. This was the end result.

Met the guys for our buffet lunch and then went back to scrapping our third layout. Mine was of the makeover we had at the Bundu week-end away. We had a complete makeover and photo shoot, which was a lot of fun and certainly a new experience. This was the end result.

At 4pm we met the guys to go to the golf course to take photos of reflections. But before we got there we had a group photoshoot outside the little church and then in the dip of leaves - this really was fun as we started throwing leaves in the air and of course they landed over everyone!!

After another buffet dinner, the ladies went back to finish off their scrapping projects.

Sunday morning was a sad one as it was time to go home. After breakfast, we all packed and then checked out of our rooms and met in the conference room to finish off any scrapping and then to crit our photos that we had taken over the last 4 days. This was good fun as we could see where we had gone wrong in creating that perfect picture!

We arrived home at about 4pm to lots of licks from the dogs - Zippa, Jemma and Izzy.

Happy Cathedral Peaker signing off .......

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Desire Fourie said...

So glad to hear that you and Dereck enjoyed the breakaway and that you completed all three your layouts before actually leaving the venue - great job. Yes, we haven't laughed so much in a long time. The Green Mambalina defintely saw to it! Love Tha Teacha