Monday, 13 August 2007

News Update

Well, the great news is that Leanne has landed herself a job in London, starting this morning. It is a Sales/Marketing position in the sports field. She is very excited about it and we wish her well in the start of her working career.

Wednesday evening Dereck and I went to see Die Hard 4.0 - if you like action and of course Bruce Willis, this was a great movie. On Thursday, Rayna, Nicky and I went to Hobby-X. A big disappointment from last year. There were not half as many stands like previous years and I think there were only 2 big scrapbook stands, but were so crowded, you had to be desparate to buy something from them to wait inthe queues - even just to look at their products. Rayna treated us to something hot to drink and a HUGE piece of lemon merangue pie - it was really yummy!!

I had taken Friday off and at about 08h15 Dereck and I decided to go and see the Bourne Ultimatum. There are three movies that follow on from each other, and this was the third. Excellent - lots of excitement and adventure. I then went and had my hair cut and did a bit of shopping at Makro.

Once home I carried on with a collage that I was requested to do for a friend's daughters 21st coming up in September. I have almost finished all the cutting out of the photos and now just need to do a few more then stick them all down. I have really enjoyed doing this and will post a picture once it is complete.

Saturday, I spent most of the day doing my collage.

Yesterday whilst reading the paper, I saw a notice that the Black Mamba - Directors Cut was having their last show. I fetched Dereck's sister, Lesley and her son Nicholas, and we went to the Heritage Theater to see if they had any space available. They did and made up a table for us. Saw Rayna and Louis there too. What a great show! The food was good - I had the peri peri beef strips as a starter - others had butternut soup and vegetables and for main 3 of us had calamari and the other 3 had lamb shanks (me, Grant and Lauren, Lesley, Nicholas and Dereck). For pudding Lesley and Nicholas had creme brulee, Dereck had cheesecake and Grant, Lauren and I had chocolate overdose - very yummy!!

Got home and cooked some mince for later while Dereck and Grant took Lesley, Nicholas and Lauren home. Sat and watched TV the rest of the evening.

A great long week-end having achieved quite a bit.

Collager signing off ...


Desire Fourie said...

Congrats on Leanne-s new job!! Now she can start paying her parents to Live Life!
You're one lucky girl and it seems that you are quite a move addict. Yours truly had to work on Womens Day as well as Friday, taught scrapping the whole of Saturday and worked on my products for DOING LIFE's online shoppe's launch on 1 September 2007. Haven't been creative for some time now - and I am itching to get back into creating again. Can't wait to see the collage. See you tomorrow night. Love Desire

Desire Fourie said...

Sorry, movie instead of 'move' ...