Sunday, 12 October 2008

BOM Challenge #7 Loves & Hates

This was an interesting challenge and gave me an opportunity to sit and think seriously about some of the things that I love and hate. This was a very time consuming layout, but it turned out exactly as I had envisioned it which is very pleasing for me. Thanks for looking:

The journalling reads as follows:

Things I love (in no particular order):

My brothers & and my sister - Malcolm, Warren & Liesel
Having a good spring clean every once in a while
Chocolate cake, brownies, muffins, lemon meringue pie
Flowers - Gerberas are my favourite, but I enjoy all
Spending time with my friends - they are all so special to me
Spending time with my family - we always have such a laugh!!
At this moment in time, I am really loving going to the Gym
Dancing – this puts me on a high!
Reading - a good book goes down very well
Watching movies - my favourites is Pretty Woman
Organising and helping people organise things
Seafood - calamari and prawns being my best
Music – loud - especially music that you can dance to
Seeing physically challenged people achieve
Really good jokes - I have a great sense of humour!
A really good, but not too hot, curry (especially prawn)
Salads - I have one for lunch every day
Chocolates, especially those which have nuts in them
Going on holidays overseas - seeing different cultures
Spending time away from home, just chilling
The satisfaction of achieving when others said I wouldn't
Watching monkeys, apes, gorillas - really fascinating
My husband, Dereck. We have certainly had a lot of fun
A good party - with the right people I can have lots of fun!
Chocolate ice-cream or chocolate milkshake
Mixing all my food together so that I can just use a fork
Buying & wrapping up presents
The feeling when having completed a walking race
Painting - I have painted most of the inside of our house
A good challenge - I must be interested in it though
Going shopping, especially if for me too!
Decorating and making things nice for a function
My children, Leanne & Grant
A good dare - have bungi jumped & loved it!
Just getting on with things - why wait?
Pork chops or chicken kebabs on a braai
Pasta in any form - meal or salad
My dogs – Zippa, Jemma & Izzy
The smell of freshly cut grass on a hot day
A good massage - legs or whole body
Soaking in a hot bubble bath (don't do this often enough!)
Freshly made fruit salad with granadilla
Waking up and wondering what the day has in store for me
Collecting Beatrix Potter & Swarovski Crystal figurines
Collecting teaspoons from around the world
Scrapbooking - I find this very relaxing and satisfing
Making things - cookies, teddy bears, anything creative
Eating nougat especially with berries and nuts
Drinking berry drinks especially smoothies
Just being accepted for who and what I am
The colour purple (mauve)
Watching ballroom dancing
Watching, diving, gymnastics & athletics
My mom and dad (Laura & Lu)
Spins, Brutul Fruit, Bacardi Breezers
Rose wine and peach champagne

Things I hate: –

Baked beans, beetroot, cooked cabbage, oats, sago pudding (I had sago pudding last week and I now love it, so this will have to come off!!!!)
People who are false & say things they really don't mean
Snakes – actually I am petrified of them!
When things don’t get put back where they belong
* Rude people, and bad service * Inconsiderate people
Eating a meal where you have to pick out the bones
Rainy weather - it's messy and the washing piles up!
Seeing people begging with their children

Ticking signing off .....


jacqui said...

Lovely layout Michelle. I still have to do mine, but it'll have to wait till after my exams

Libby said...

Beautiful layout Michelle! Love the way you have managed to include all the journalling! I still have to do this one :(

Tracy said...

Love this LO - well done!!!

Love, Tracy

Desire Fourie said...

Gorgeous creation Michelle. Like I have said, you deserve a medal for all the hours of labour you have put into this. You have also documented your loves and hates in such an interesting way. Well done.