Thursday, 16 October 2008

Bosses Day 16 October 2008

Here in South Africa it was Bosses Day today. Paula and I decided that we were going to treat our bosses Campbell and Julian and we also included our office manager - Debbie as well as our professional assistant - Kate.
Being a legal firm, we decided that we needed to invite them in a formal way, so we drafted up a Summons. Paula and I were known as "Da Chef", Campbell and Julian were "Da'Boss", Debbie was "Da'Boss'Boss" Kate was "Da'Boss-in-Training". The summons was formally served on Monday, 13 October 2008 and the date was set. Herewith a copy of what the summons looked like: Paula typed them out onto blue paper and I rolled them up and tied them with a white ribbon.

The start of Boss' Day was tea or coffee served with my home-made lemon merangue pie, which I must say, is really delicious:

"Da' Bosses" were summonsed to appear in our boardroom at 12h55 today, to be served a luncheon prepared by "Da'Chef 1 and 2". We bought a roasted butternut and ricotta quiche. While Paula was out collecting the quiche, I made a green salad, consisting of lettuce, cherry tomatoes, yellow pepper, cucumber, feta cheese and roasted nuts. We also had some coleslaw and wholewheat rolls. We had arranged gifts for each of "Da'Bosses"and these were placed on their plate with a paper bag over them so that they could only see them once we were ready. This is what the table and the food looked like:

Campbell (Da' Boss) and Kate (Da' Boss-in-Training) eagerly awaiting the instruction for them to lift the paper bags off their gifts and tuck into their food!

Julian (Da' Boss) and Debbie (Da' Boss' Boss) also eagerly awaiting the instruction to "lift and eat".

Even though the note said "please do not lift", both Campbell and Julian were bending down and trying to lift without us seeing them do it!!

The quiche above and salad below
This was all set on the table on a white table cloth with some beautiful roses from Paula's garden (they are called South Africa) and smelt beautiful.

Once they had finished this meal, we cleared the table and served them each a bowl of freshly made fruit salad (I made it last night) - problem - unbeknown to us Campbell did not like fruit salad, so did not end up eating his pudding!! This is what the fruit salad looked like and was made up with the following: pawpaw, granadilla, red and green apple, banana, oranges and a pineapple:

Once they had finished eating, they were each given 1 (and only 1) sparkle mint!

When Campbell left this afternoon, he thanked us and stated that "that was the best Bosses day I have ever had. It beats going to a restaurant". Thanks Campbell, it was a pleasure to "serve you".

Well, Michelle, what was under the paper bag, I hear you all asking - it was this:

Campbell and Julian each received their jar with the tag stating "Da' Boss".
This was Debbie's jar - "Da' Boss' Boss".

This was Kate's jar - "Da' Boss-in-Training".

I had some alphabet pins which I used on the top of each jar and this is what they looked like:

Campbell and Julian's jars with "c" and "j"on the top.

This was Debbie and Kate's jars with "d" and "k" on the top.

We finished off the afternoon with chocolate coated crunchies (home-made by Paula and very yummy), but I was so busy eating mine, I forgot to take a picture.

All in all a great day and worth all the effort we put into it.

Da Chef signing off ..........


Desire Fourie said...

Oh wow, this was probably the nicest boss' day worldwide today. the table setting looks gorgeous and very inviting. Campbell hit the nail right on the head, in stating that it was better than any restaurant meal. And Michelle, that lemon meringue pie of yours is just too delish and has become a kind of institution in the Fourie household. Those roses are beautiful Paula. The whole idea around the gifts are just perfect. Well done to Da Chef;s ... now remember you have set a seriously high standard and would like to see what you are going to come up with topping it in 2009!!!! Well done!

Andrea said...

sounds like you all had a ball, they are lucky to have you! Glad to see you are blogging again, I have missed reading your posts.

Tracy said...

Hi Michelle

You are so clever - this definitely beats a restaurant meal - way more personal and probably even more yummy ...

Well done!!

Love, Tracy

P.S. Scrapping sure comes in handy everyday ...

Tracy said...

Hi Michelle

You are so clever - this definitely beats a restaurant meal - way more personal and probably even more yummy ...

Well done!!

Love, Tracy

P.S. Scrapping sure comes in handy everyday ...

Anonymous said...

Thought you'd left the country Michelle! Missed reading your blog for quite a while. LOVE your boss's day activities - the personal touch beats shop bought anyday - well done!
Carol (the other TP)

jacki janse van rensburg said...

nice to hear from you again!

i love your bosses day ideas. the summons cracks me up!

very nice ideas. i'm sure they will remember it for years to come - long after the restaurant meal would have been forgotton.

very clever and creative!

and ps: i love the christmas music...

Jose said...

What a spread, never heard of 'Bosses Day' here in UK .. when is it Workers Day?
Jose x

Libby said...

How lucky your bosses are! You put so much effort into this bosses day! Well done, think you should hire out your party planning services :)