Sunday, 19 October 2008

A relaxing day finished off with a Prawn Feast!

Got out of bed at 6:00am to let the dogs out and give them their breakfast. Collected the newspaper then got back into bed - very unusual for me!! I have had such a runny nose these last few days and was just feeling yuk. Slept until 8:00am then decided that I needed to get up and do some scrapping.

I had finished off My Family layout yesterday (I still need to take a photo and will send to you Tracy) and then got started on my next challenge which is about our fashion sense through the years. I finished that off and am very pleased at how it turned out. Again, I still need to take a photo and will send it through to Tracy to put on her blog.

Grant asked if we could go to Simply Fish at the Pavilion for Prawns. It costs you R98 per person and you can eat as much as you like. Between Lauren, Grant and I, we finished off 11 pans of Prawns. They were absolutely yummy. We liked the mediteranean sauce which was a bit peri-peri. Dereck had fish and then went off to Exclusive Books, while we carried on eating. even the waiter commented that Dereck had looked bored!!

All in all a nice relaxing day and a wonderful evening. Off to go and read my book.

Prawned out signing off ....


Desire Fourie said...

So sorry to hear that you are a bit under the weather ... you need to recuperate lightning fast to arrive in tip top shape here in Gauteng for your labour weekend ahead. Looking forward to seeing you. Wow ... 11 pans of prawns ... are you sure its not a guiness book of record?!!!

Beryldene said...

Hey Michelle,

Lovely to keep up with your news...I am so going to try the prawns when next I can twist Nick's arm to go....


nuttylee said...

Haha, I can just picture dad sitting there with you lot eating the prawns. Too funny!!