Sunday, 31 May 2009

BOM Challenge #15 - Mementos

I have tried and tried to get this picture to load correctly, but it is not. I have left a question on Blogger help site too.

Here is the layout I did for the BOM Challenge #15 regarding our mementos:

Journalling is as follows:

Left page of layout:
Next to the doll - My Great Aunt Mary made all the clothes for this doll by hand. There is to much detail and all the seams and tucks were hand stitched.

Bottom left next to the earings - these earings were from my Great Aunt Mary. They are special to me because they came from her. Not quite my style though.

Top right - I really like Imbuia ball and claw furniture and I got this cabinet from Dereck's mom.

Bottom right - antique brooch and eternity rign. I got this from my Great Aunt Mary who live in Easbourne in England.

Bottom middle - old fashioned engagement ring with 4 small diamonds. Sentimental as I got this from my Great Aunt Anne who lives in Canada.

Right page of layout:

Top left - the complete mini set of Shakspeare books. I got this from my Great Gran, Gagga who I never got to meet. She lived in Scotland.

Top right - pastel tea set is what I got from my Gran Farquharson. She loved her tea and this reminds me so much of her. Too nice to use.

Middle - the desk I got from my Grandpa Farquharson and it has pride of place in my craft room. He always had lots of piles on it, but he always knew where thing were.

Left - Bangles - a fond memory of my Gran Engler was the jingly sound of her bangles. Each grand daughter got one and I had mine melted down to make two.

Bottom - this Moorcroft bowl is a collectors item and is special because it came from my Gran Engler.

Bottom right - the green enamel pot is from Dereck's mom. Not to keep, but to make her famous ginger pudding.

Treasurer signing off ....


Helen Tilbury said...

Back to scrapping! Well done...a great concept to photograph & document all your special things ;-D

Desire Fourie said...

Just love your well balanced layout and the way you have done the journaling on the emphasized circle punch-outs. It seems like you are quite a sentimental soul looking at this. Hugs from Desire

Jose said...

Good to see you back, Im glad Im not the only one having problems with blogging, hope everything is sorted out soon

Jo said...

Wow Michelle, this is fabulous!

Helen Tilbury said...

So sorry to have missed your birthday on Monday michelle! Just seen the FB notification now...hope you had an ultra-awesome day!!

Beryldene said...


Missed your birthday but hope it was everything you wanted it to be - all the best for the year ahead!

Anonymous said...

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