Tuesday, 26 May 2009

I'm Back, but having problems

Yes, Dereck and I are finally back from our wonderful USA and UK holiday. We got back on 9 May 2009 and it has been rather busy since then.

I have been exceptionally busy at work as we have a big court case on at the moment and there has jsut been so much else on the go.

I am not sure if anyone else is experiencing blog problems, but there are some blogs that open and then internet says it can't open and has to abort and some blogs when I try and leave a message it just does not do anything and there is a little note at the bottom on the screen telling me that it took 93ms to process, but still nothing happens. So if I have only left a comment days after your post or no comment at all, that is the reason.

It was my brother, Warren's, 40th birthday get together on Saturday and we had lovely rolled meat over the spit and then soaked in a marinade with potato, noodle and green salad. Very yummy. This was followed by chocolate cake and ice-cream with chocolate sauce (all home made, except the ice-cream).

Busy preparing for our 25th wedding anniversary on 16 June and of course for the Doing Life Scrapaganza on the 13 June, so you can see, I have lots to do.

Anyway, that is all for now, will update again soon when I have taken some photos.

Just me signing off ....


Andrea said...

Hi Michelle, glad to have you back, i did follow your holiday blog and it sounds like you had a lovely lovely trip, you should have your holiday blog printed in a photobook and it will make such a special memory.

I have also been having trouble with blogger but I find if you open it in Mozilla Firefox it is absolutely fine or just try and resubmit the comment I find it generally goes through on the second attempt....hope that helps :-)


Beryldene said...

Hi Michelle,

You're back - how wonderful! I trust you and Dereck had a wonderful trip and so glad you are back safely. About your problems opening blogs - I am getting the same - especially when I open Helen's blog - it gives me the same message you are getting...have no idea??

So you are not alone!

Desire Fourie said...

Yip, we have all missed you here in blog land, but I am sure the same does definitely not count for you. I just can't wait to see your USA pics in real life when are coming to scrap with me here in Gauteng during August. A serious scrapping frenzy is due my friend. Hugs from Desire

Helen Tilbury said...

Hi Michelle - this Blogger thing is driving me crazy!!! I have looked into it & indeed there is a problem. I have cleaned up jmy sidebar so much - and improved my loading time from one minute to 15 seconds - but still the problems...Apparently it is to do with the Followers gadget so I have moved mine down to the very bottom of my sidebar - so don't be offended - it's not because I don't want to see my bloggy friends - Blogger are working on it. If you have Internet explorer try changing to Firefox - it is a much stronger browser & is configured in a different way to Explorer so it misses out problem areas as it doesen't download chronologically on your sidebar, etc. It is also much safer for browsing & keeps out more bugs. Please e mail me if you are still experiencing problems ;-D Thanks for your e mail - no offence but I may not get down to the quizzy thing as I too am snowed under!