Monday, 27 July 2009

The "Biddy" Filly

Dereck and some of his friends have been talking about buying a race horse and naming it "Biddy" in memory of a great friend who was murdered in May 2008. A good friend, Paul Lafferty is a race horse trainer and he got hold of Dereck recently to let him know that he had this filly currently named Empress Eugenie who was available for sale. Dereck got hold of friends that knew Biddy (Ian Boucher) and there are now 6 of them who are going to be part owners of this horse whose name will be changed to Biddy. She will be 2 years old on 7 November 2009 and will hopefully be ready for racing some time in November. Dereck and I went to the Summerveld stables on Sunday morning to see her and take some photos. I must say she is really a lovely looking horse and I hope she trains well and can win a few races for us. I am certainly looking forward to watching her first race!!

After leaving the stables, we went to Dieter's nursery for a quite bite to eat, then home to make a noodle salad and then off to Ian's place for a braai and then watch the grand prix - my man Lewis Hamilton won - which was great and then we watched the finish of the Tour de France. Awesome racing and I was really pleased that Lance Armstrong made such a come back and finished third - just shows that if your mind can conceive it, the body can achieve it!!

A bit horsey signing off ....


Helen Tilbury said...

How exciting to be part of a syndicate. Your yearling looks very pretty! My parents business was breeding race-horses in Zimbabwe. Our next door neighbours from there have a stud farm Hillcrest way (can't remember the name of it though) but the guys names are Keith & Ian Russon (gay folk) who are now breeding racehorses here too...You may come across them now that you will be part of the racing fraternity.

Jose said...

Looks like a winner to me, look forward to seeing pictures of her in the winners enclosure :)

Desire Fourie said...

What a special gesture Dereck and his friends are making to make memories of Biddy even more special. Great looking horse and I will hold thumbs for his first race win. You really brought back some very special memories with your breakfast at Dieters. It was also one of me and Conroy's favourite breakfast spot.

jacqui said...

Such a beautiful horse! Looking forward to news on her first race! Shows true friendship when friends still want to do something so special for you! Enjoy being a racehorse owner!!! We might be seeing you at the July soon! ;)

Andrea said...

She looks like a realy beauty...hope she has wings for you!