Saturday, 11 July 2009

Tuesday, 16 June 2009 - Our Silver Wedding Anniversary

Only got out of bed at about 8:30. Dereck made us toast and scrambled egg. The family were arriving at 9:00 as Malcolm (my brother) was going to skype us from New Zealand. My mom, dad, Liesel, Warren, Debbie, Luke and Rebekkah were all sitting around in front of the TV while we skyped. A bit like the “Simpsons” all sitting on their couch!!!! It was great to see and chat to them and they took us on a tour of their house. After that, we showed my family some of our USA/UK holiday pictures that they hadn’t seen on the blog. Later in the afternoon, I made a savoury tart for supper and one for work and also made a milk tart for work.

This was my speech from last night ....

Hi everybody

Thanks again for joining us to share our 25th wedding anniversary. Nowadays you just don’t seem to hear of many people staying married for so long, so this is really special for me and I am sure it is for Dereck too.

This time 25 years ago, I was so excited to be getting married the next day. All the plans and preparations had been made and it was now just a matter of hours before the big day. I feel the same excitement now as I wait for the 25th anniversary of our big day!

The last 25 years have certainly had their fair share of ups and downs but we have grown and certainly have had a great time together. Now that Leanne and Grant are grown up and doing their own thing, we have more time to spend with each other.

I would like to say to Dereck that I love you lots and thank you for being the wonderful person that you are. For being there for me, for your support – both voluntary and involuntary and for giving me the freedom to be able to do the things that have interested me.

Whilst on our recent trip to Las Vegas I wanted to renew our wedding vows, but somehow everytime we saw a chapel, it wasn’t quite the time to make enquiries. So there was nothing to leave in Vegas, but I have some questions for you ....


Will you continue to cook at least twice a week

And feed the dogs every night before six

Will you continue to play poker so that I can scrap

And will you watch TV so that I can take a nap

Will you love me and laugh with me and plan our holidays

Will you please do this for at least another 25 years?

Dereck said yes to all my questions, so I know that I have him for at least another 25 years - lucky me!!

All in all a great celebratory week-end.

Hey ho silver signing off …


Libby said...

Congrats to you both!!

Desire Fourie said...

HUGE CONGRATS to you and Dereck ... you are surely a true inspiration to your friends and family.