Sunday, 13 September 2009

Drakensberg Sun Getaway 9 - 11 September 2009

Dereck decided that he would like to go away somewhere and that I would accompany him, so on Wednesday afternoon we headed off to .....We left home at about 1:30pm and arrived here at about 4:00pm. The drive was good, but there were some serious pot holes in places and after our last trip to the Berg and having to replace 2 tyres, he drove with extreme caution!!!
The weather was not very nice, but we had both brought our books along in case of bad weather.
After checking in, we sat in the local pub and had a drink (or two) and then went back to our room to unpack and check what was on offer. We had a nice supper - a buffet - and then after supper just read our books and watched tv in the room.

Thursday morning was really miserable and after a nice breakfase we took a drive to the local shops and just had a look around. When we came back, the weather was a bit drier, so we took a walk around the resort area. This is the view from the pool area looking up towards the hotel.
This is from the hotel looking out over the resort and in the direction of where one would go and do a walk - I was certainly prepared for a walk, but it was too risky in case of rain.
Down by the dam we found this little spot that had this bench overlooking the dam and was surrounded by trees - quite cosy I must say.
A bit further on there was an enclosed pond with probably 4 ducks!!! Last time I was here, there were plenty of them. This one let me get quite close to it, but it kept its eye on me the whole time.
It kept tilting its head when I tried taking its photo - maybe it was posing - he he
Nearer the timeshare cottages we came across a monkey family where this one had found an old loaf of bread and was not letting the others have any of it. He wasn't too impressed when Dereck got a bit closer to take his photo and grabbed the bread and moved onto the road which was nearer me. Everytime I moved to take a picture, he would carry on eating, but watched me the whole time. Really funny.
A lovely little bridge just past the timeshare cottages and behind the bolwing green.
After our walk about, we had lunch and then spent the afternoon in the room - me reading a really great book and Dereck watching tv. Supper again was a buffet.

Friday morning we had breakfast late and then checked out. We left there at about 10:15am and took a leisurely drive along the Midlands Meander and popped into the Linen Loft at Mooi River. I bought two nice bath mats and then we carried on along the Meander to Currys Post, got back onto the freeway and arrived home at about 1:00pm. Dereck had some work to do, so I unpacked and then scrapped a single page for Leanne's album.

All in all a lovely relaxing two days.

Chilled out signing off ....


Desire Fourie said...

Glad you and Dereck could take a midweek break together. The surroundings surely looked like it was peaceful. Nice shots of the Eqyption goose and naughty monkey. Feel very guilty about the 2-tyre replacement.

Helen Tilbury said...

I LOVE the thought of a midweek break - but looks like I have another 12 years or so before I can do that !!! Love the duck - beautiful...did you ask what had happened to the rest of them?

Andrea said...

now that is what I call living....none of the mad hussle bussle, just calm and relaxing with time to read....a dream come true :0)

Jose said...

Glad you have been having a fun time, love the photos

Samantha said...

Lovely pics!!

Coach Dave said...

They have amazing walks there, we had been there three times now and done all of them even the long one, which was a very long walk, even for me !!!

You must go back sometime and try some of them, you will love the fairy one, waterfalls and green moss, really magic.