Wednesday, 02 September 2009

Spring Day Picnic at Alexander Cox

Yesterday marked the first day of Spring here in sunny South Africa and our office as well as the staff in the other 4 or 5 offices decided to have a bring and share picnic in the garden. The weather was very kind to us, although rather hot, and we certainly had a feast laid before us.Julian showed us all how to get the most benefit from someone holding the plate and then tuck in with both hands! This particular dish was a tuna mousse which was really very yummy!!! Needless to say there was nothing left at the end of the picnic.

Some of the ladies and gents from the other offices.
The ladies and Julian from our office and Brian from Hewitt Colenbrander Recruitment.
Starting to feel the effects of the heat and getting relaxed on the blanket.

Stuart ready for his afternoon nap in the garden surrounded by the ladies!

It was a most enjoyable picnic and we all had plenty to eat with a few things left over for tea tomorrow.

After getting home and sorting out the dogs, Dereck and I went off to the Heritage Theater to see the Legends of Rock with Barry Thompson and Mali Sewell and others performing. It was a great show and we met up with Mark and Claire (who are out from England to celebrate their twins' 21st), Errol and Alison, Darryl and Bev, Ian and Jayne, Alex, Lesley, Nicholas and 4 friends of Alex's. It was good chatting to everyone after the show and we only got home at about 12:45am.

Spring picnicer signing off ....



Helen Tilbury said...

What a lovely idea! Yes Spring sure has sprung here hasn't it??? Wow - today was 37 degrees here in dreading what is surely to come...

info said...

Michelle what an awesome thing to do!

Looked like you had a lovely break from the offices - i love companies who take the initiative to do things DIFFERENTLY....hasn't the weather been simply SUBLIME!

info said...


Desire Fourie said...

Mmm Beryldene alias Info ... thats weird.
Michelle this looks like a real royal feast and its great that the bosses have also joined in with the celebrations. One can see its in KZN with all the beautiful green surroundings. This really made me think back to my times at AlexaderCox.
Please tell Julian, that I have noticed that nothing has changed re his relationship with food!

Andrea said...

It looks totally stunning...such a lovely idea, lucky to work with such great people.

Hope you popped in at the Beat for a drink before the theater there is simply no where like it and in case you don't know it is owned by one of our blog buddies...well at least part owned :-)


Jose said...

Looks like a great idea... did the picnic last all afternoon? hehe