Sunday, 13 September 2009

Some more Scrapping

After getting back from the Drakensberg Sun on Friday afternoon, I had some inspiration to get another page done from Leanne's 21 album. There are a few pages that still need to be done and I have all the photos and paper waiting. This layout was about the band "Westlife" who I saw in 2001 while Dereck and I were staying at Sun City. While we were waiting for our lift, they came out of the "Palace" hotel. They were one of Leanne's favourite bands (Dereck's name for them was "Waste of Life" as he always said they were "one hit wonders", much to Leanne's annoyance. It was easy to do that page as I had just finished off the one below of Wisconsin in the USA and the photos were the right shape for the same layout. Well, I just have to do a page of journalling and then that is the first week of our USA holiday scrapped. I feel so good about having done this and a huge THANKS has to go to Desire for her layout ideas and paper selection.

Scrapping getting done signing off .....


Beryldene said...

Hi Michelle,

For the record I LOVE West Life!! Each to their own I say! Lovely to see some of your pics from the USA!

Happy srapping..


Desire Fourie said...

Gorgeous layouts Michelle. The enlargement of your and Dereck came out nice on the second.

Helen Tilbury said...

Heehee...I had a wee chuckle at "Waste of Life" ! That is JUST the type of thing my DH would say too...although actually they have definitely stood the test of time & are laughing aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaalll the way to the bank! Well done on your scrappy achievements ;-D

Jose said...

Lovely scrapbook pages, something I have never tried, perhaps one day I will come to it.