Wednesday, 15 August 2007

On a sad note ...

We found out from Leanne yesterday, that although her first day at work was great, it is currently door to door sales and until one makes a sale, here is no income and one has to pay all costs ie travel and meals while trying to make a sale. So.. for a first time job needing an income, this is not a great option at all.

But the worst thing is that she twisted her ankle on the week-end and with all the walking on Saturday doing training as well as on Monday, it has got worse and she was not able to go to work yesterday. She ended up going to the local hospital and it is a grade 2 sprain, is strapped up and she is on crutches and has to rest for at least a week - no income! On top of that she has what looks like a spider bite on her shin which is adding to the whole swelling of the ankle/leg look.

So, my baby girl is just not a happy person at present. She has another job interview lined up for a live in position at a sports centre, so please pray hard that she is able to get this position.

Sad mom signing off ....


nuttylee said...

I rescheduled the meeting for friday, if all goes well, they say I could be sent up there as early as next Monday, but dont get hopes up untill I have had the meeting and discussed what it entails and such.

Ankle doing better today, swelling gone down a bit, amazing what a full day of rest can do.

Love u!

Desire Fourie said...

I am glad Leanne that the ankle is looking better. Just make sure not to put too much stress on it too soon. Definitely holding all thumbs and toes for this new possibility work wise. Love Desire
PS: Michelle looks like you have a tough daughter out there!