Saturday, 05 January 2008

Bird of Prey

The other afternoon, the Adedas were really making a noise. It wasn't there usual cry and there were about 8 of them all sticking together. They would sit on the neighbours roof, then all fly around in a formation and then come back. I got out my telephoto lense and check through it and on a lonely tree stump right at the top was this bird. I could see that it was not an Adeda, and when they chased it I managed to get this last shot in the sky. I got Dereck's binoculars and looked at where this bird had been as it also went into another tree and the Adedas got really mad. There I saw a nest with an Adeda sitting in it. This bird of prey was obviously trying to get at the nest and the Adedas were guarding it. It was quite fascinating to watch this.

Watch the birdie signing off ...
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Desire Fourie said...

Hi there. I can see a new bird watcher emerging ... Yes its interesting how the Hadedas know that numbers count when protecting their future generation. Have you manage to identify the intruder? If I might take a guess, I think it is a black kite.