Thursday, 03 January 2008

Monkey Business

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I have a fascination for watching monkeys, chimps etc. and while mooching around on 1 January 2008, these monkeys were getting comfortable in helping themselves to the litchies on the tree. They kept watching me as I stood on the verandah of Dereck's office and took their pictures. It was fun to watch as they found a bunch of litchies, then stood up to pick one off, then sat down to peel it and then eat it!!
Otherwise not too much going on - did my civic duty and donated blood (anyone who knows me knows that I am poop scared of needles, so feel chuffed that I did this). 31 December Lesley, Alex and Nicholas came round and we had a braai. Then we got out the Jenga blocks and had a lot of fun until the new year came in. The person who knocked the blocks over had to have a shot of "Hot Sex" - boy was this tasty!! Saw the new year in and then went to bed after tidying up a bit. New year, I got up early to take the dogs out and then chatted online until the others got up. Had coffee sitting with my feet in the pool. At about 11 we all decided that we needed something to eat, so we brought the gas cooker round to the front and we did bacon, eggs, fried onion and mushrooms and toast. Lounged around in the pool and mid afternoon had christmas cake. At about 5pm we took Lesley, Alex and Nicholas home and then popped in to see my folks in Yellow-wood Park.
Monkey watcher signing off ......

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Desire Fourie said...

I agree, primates are fun to watch especially with them having similar characteristics to us humans. This is one photo opportunity that always seemed to elude me in Kloof. They are way too clever and allow us to approach them to a certain distance. Once their comfort circle has been invaded they make a dash. Would have loved to got so close that one could take close-up shots with a telephoto lens of their very expressive facial expressions. I gather that you took these shots with your brand new zoom lens? Monkey's cousin signing off.