Sunday, 20 July 2008

BOM Challenge #2

Herewith the layout I did for the BOM challenge #2:

The journalling reads:

"The French meaning of "Michelle" is "Gift from God", and is the feminine form of Michael. The Hebrew meaning is "Close to God" and "Who is like God?" It was a popular name when first used in the 1940's and made even more so by the Beatles' famous song "Michelle" in the 1970's (I love the Beatles music by the way!!) My second name "Frances" is from French origin and means "Free".

How did my parents decide on my name?

Well, they liked the name "Michael" and I was a girl, so was named "Michelle". In the 1960's it was quite a unique name.

Do I like my name?

Yes. Although while at shool I did not like my second name as a girl in my class had the same name and she was horrible. It was only in later years when I found out that Princess Diana's second name was Frances that I was happy with it.

If I could change my name what would it be?

Michelle. I am a Michelle so I just can't change my name!!"
I must say I had fun investigating and creating this layout.
Just Michelle signing off ...


Desire Fourie said...

Sjoe, the rest of us taking part in the BOM Challenge, now have our work cut out for us ... it must be the fastest response to any scrap challenge yet. You have kicked dust in your fellow BOM challenbers' faces and now it will even take longer to get our second challenge back on track, after first having to wash the dust from our faces.

Lovely well researched layout Michelle. Don't worry about that second name. Its great to be 'free' and have such an icon as Diana 'named after you'!

Tracy said...

Hi Michelle

I must officially apologise to you for not having added you to my list of "sista bloggers" before now - Desire was kind enough to prompt me. I have a brain like a leaky sieve sometimes (read comatose alot of the time) but I truly do enjoy reading your blog so I have happily added it to my Links - sorry it took so long.

Still amazed by your quick response to BOM challenge no. 2 - Desire is right, I am spitting the dust out of my teeth ... you go, girl!!

Love, Tracy

Jose said...

gorgeous work