Sunday, 27 July 2008

Christening of Scrap Book Table

On Saturday Kathy, Rayna and Shelley came round to help me christen my new oak scrapbook table. It was well and truly christened with Kathy arriving at 09h00, Rayna a bit later and Shelley at about 10h00 as she had to collect our Breyani that her friend Glenda made for us. A lot of talking, getting ideas and of course scrapping took place. Kathy was the most efficient and finished 2 double page layouts (she had done all the cutting beforehand). Shelley, Rayna and i also finished our layouts. Lunch time we had a yummy chicken breyani with salad (made by Kathy) with fruit juice and finished off with a delicious hot sticky chocolate pudding with cream. While I was trying to shake the cream Rayna offered to do it for a while as it seemed to be taking a long time to thicken, and while she was shaking, happened to read the container where it clearly stated that it "is not suitable for wipping"!!!
Here is my layout I created (with some advise from Rayna and Shelley) and finished:

These other two layouts I also finished (just some finishing touches and putting in the enlargements) and they can be purchased from Desire's Online Shoppe - Doing Life . They are great kits (seeing as I am in them!!) and I had a lot of fun putting them together. Thanks Desire for the inspiration!

A great day was had by all.
In the evening, Dereck and I together with Lesley, Alex, Janine, Nicholas and a friend of ours Dave, went to see the Rocky Horror Picture Show at the Barnyard Theatre. We bought pizzas for supper and were treated to a home made chocolate cake (from Dave) - boy was it yummy!!! What a great show. We bought some water pistols and had great fun shooting the patrons!!
Today, Sunday was spent doing some washing, updating some albums and general updating of blogs, and tidying up.
This evening I just plan watching TV.
Relaxed signing off ....


Desire Fourie said...

Now Michelle, 'The Last of the Teens' is an absolute stunning page. I will have to get permission from you to scraplift some of it. That desert you all had sounds divine and I am sure actually did not require that stubborn cream. As I have come to know Kathy, I am sure she was the most productive amongst you lot ...

Sophia said...

Looking good on those LOs.
Thanks for the award will update mine soon.

Desire Fourie said...

Okay, I have been a bit unobservant initially, but now I see all the lovely new Flickr's in your sidebar. Excellent.

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