Wednesday, 04 March 2009

Mosaiced Ladybug

Here she is!! I think I will have to call her Petronella. I think she is really cute and I so enjoyed making her. I just need to paint her little feeler thingies on top of her head and her underneath and then find a spot for her to live on.

Petronella's creator signing off ....


nuttylee said...

Aww that is really cute!! How did you come up with that name?? lol
I had a friend in school called Petronella, I called her petrol all the time, hehe. Anyway, very cute.

Love you,


Jose said...

They look great fun

Desire Fourie said...

Aaaaaah Petronella is adorable. She is such a radiant beautify, from every angle and she has such a contageous smile. Sjoe Michelle, this must of taken you days to do ... those tiny pieces of tiles looks stunning and I can see you have planned it very well. The grouting looks so professional!! Really don't know how you managed without proper clippers. Off to Hobby-X tomorrow morning ... wil let you know if I find a pair for you there. Petronella is already stealing hearts in blog land. Hugs from Desire

Anonymous said...

Ag Michelle, how cute - what a fantastic job. I am still too scared to give it a try after the Teacha told us she had blisters on her hands for days!! Think I will have to stick to scrapping.
Lotsa love
Carol (the other TP)

Jo said...

Oh wow! This is fabulous!

Helen Tilbury said...

Petronella is a real you just need to make sure doggies, etc don't break her...that has always been my little phobia with ceramic items. Looks like you have done a great job with her, well done! ;-)

Andrea said...

she is GORGEOUS, can't believe it is your first attempt!