Sunday, 20 June 2010

Durban Beachfront

Today was such a lovely, sunny day, that we decided to go down to the Durban beachfront to see what it looked like at the Fan Park before one of the soccer games at 1h30.  We parked at the Suncoast Casino and then walked along the beachfront to the Fan Park - about 2 km.  We really enjoyed the sights and the improvements that have been made to the beachfront and the Fan Park was already very festive and I am sure would have been even more so later on when people got there to watch the soccer game.  After looking around, we headed back to the Suncoast Casino where we went to the Circus Circus restaurant and had lunch.  Thereafter we headed off home where I made some soup. 

Here are some pictures of the beachfront area ...

This is at the Fan Park where there is a huge bit screen and stage where the soccer games are broadcast.  There was a lot of entertainment going on in this area.

The MTN entertainment - these guys were quite funny they way the mooved these "men" making them look like they were walking and dancing!!

Jennifer and I waiting for Dereck, but enjoying watching what was going on.

These guys who do the sand art are quite amazing.  The picture above is of the Moses Mabida Statium including the arch and flags.  The guy sitting in the car below had music playing and he was bopping and bouncing as if he was driving a car - it was quite funny to watch him.  Every now and then he would put his hand behind his head and lean back like a real cruiser!!.
Of course the dolphin display at the entrance of the Suncoast Casino Complex had a make over to blend in with the whole World Cup Soccer theme - I must say they do look rather nice and hope that they stay like this after the soccer is over.

Durban fan signing off ....


Desire Fourie said...

Wow, it really seems festive down their at the Durban coast ... definitely beats the boaring old Gauteng Soccer Fan zones. Love the men keeping the puppets alive and of course the sand art is just amazing.

Helen Tilbury said...

Chelsea has been with her friends & also said it all looked amazing. I am going to go check it all out this weekend - will be the only time it will be safe enough to take my DSLR to the beachfront after all! I am loving the feeling of safety but apparently there are an extra 44 000 police around, which explains it. What makes me mad is it IS possible for us to live in a safe place but when the WC is over any bets it will be back to mayhem & those police will be nowhere to be found when you need them!