Saturday, 12 June 2010

Poor Izzy

Izzy my little mini sausage dog was attached on Friday morning about two weeks ago by our other sausage dog, Jemma, for no reason whatsoever.  Dereck heard them growling in his office but he thought it was Jemma and Zippa playing and when he turned around saw that it was Izzy, but the damage had been done. Dereck got involved and managed to separate them, but in the process stood on his glasses which had fallen off.  He managed to get my maid Theresa to phone me and I met him at the vet.  Poor Izzy had a huge hole in her rump and under her tummy near her back legs, plus a bit hole in her forehead and a few other gashes on her back.  The vet set her up on a drip and gave her some medicine to calm her down and then looked at her wounds.  She noticed that she had lost some teeth - top tooth and four bottom teeth, so now she dribbles a bit and her tongue hangs out even more when she relaxes (it looks cute though!).  She had to stay there while they monitored her.  We were advised that she needed to be operated on to sort out the two big wounds that she had but they could only do that once the swelling had gone down.  I went to visit her after work and managed to get her to eat her food.  She was so excited to see me and just wanted to climb out the cage to get to me.  It was very sad seeing her like that.  We went to visit her on the Saturday morning and she was certainly a bit more perky but had lots of bruising on her tummy and had a pressure bandage around her tummy because of all the swelling.  On Sunday when we went to visit her we were allowed to take her outside and let her run around on the grass and as she wasn't eating, was told I could bring some of her favourite food, which when I gave to her, she guzzled it down.

On Monday evening we brought her home to sleep with us and she went back to the Vet on Tuesday morning and she came home again on Tuesday night.  On Wednesday they operated on her and were pleased that there was not too much damage and then stitched her up.  Due to there being so much fluid on the rump injury she had to have a drain put in her and then had to wear a collar to stop her licking or scratching the wound.  She did not like that at all, but even the smallest collar did not stop her from being able to reach her sore to lick it.  All the licking probably healed it as the next morning, it was not oozing and certainly looked a lot better.  The day before she had to go and have the drain removed, she pulled it out herself!!

Here is what she looked like with her collar on and her face shaved where the wound was - definitely not a happy doggie ....

The bandage on her front leg is where the drip had been and the plaster was sticking to her.

She is certainly on the mend and is due to have her stiches taken out on Monday. 

Sad doggy mommy signing off ....


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Desire Fourie said...

Oh this is so sad Michelle and feel so sorry for her. I am just so relieved that the vet could mend her wounds, just hope her spirit has not been broken. It seem like the old green monster has stuck its head out on Jemma's side again ... this is going to be difficult to monitor from now on I suppose. You are definitely the light in her life. Keep on dishing out loads of TLC.