Sunday, 15 February 2009

BOM CHallenge #14 - 106 Things About Me

This challenge was listing 101 random facts about ourselves. While I enjoyed thinking about the facts to put down, it is not "scrapping" that I enjoy doing. I certain prefer scrapping pictures and I didn't want to specifically take pictures for this layout.

Anyway, you should get to know me a little better!

The wording reads as follows (and not in the order on my layout):

I can’t watch a movie without eating popcorn
I only wear g-strings
I am still considering having a tattoo
I am a good listener
I love the smell of Jasmin
I always go the extra mile
I don’t wear much make-up
I wear a size 6 shoe
I always wanted only 2 children
At home I often walk around barefoot
I was pushed by a baboon - was trying to save our biscuits that he wanted!
I love chocolate especially with nuts in it
I love cashew nuts
I love the smell of lavender
I have swam the Midmar mile 3 times
I enjoy watching people
I love dancing
My nickname at school was “Frog”
I have known my best friend, Ingrid, since 1970
I finished school in 1979
I have done line dancing
I love wrapping up presents
I have never been a bridesmaid
I organised a formal dinner for 364 people
I have a Computer Secretarial certificate
I enjoy a challenge
I love not wearing a bra – don’t know if the boobs do!!
I normally cut up and mix all my food
I love a chilli seasoning
I make a delicious lemon meringue pie
I know lots of people
I like cats but will never have one of my own
I laugh often
I see the funny side of sometimes serious situations
I love watching monkeys
I can’t skateboard
I have never surfed
I have never ever smoked
I could do the splits
I can still almost do the splits!
I can’t breathe when swimming freestyle
I have never been on a motorbike
When I was 12 I worried that when I became a teenager I would have no clothes!
I once put nail polish on my eyes thinking it would be good eye make-up
I love reading
I have had 6 operations
I used to be a Girl Guide
I have never made a braai
I have hair on my toes!
I am quite lucky
I have ridden an Ostrich
I had a doll called Lucy
I got a lucky bean stuck up my nose
I broke my collar bone doing a 3 legged race the day before school exams
I only had one serious boyfriend before Dereck
I started wearing glasses for reading in 1984
I got married in 1984
I had my first child in 1986
I had my second child in 1988
I h ad to have an emergency Ceasar for my first child
My first dog was a mongrel called Tawny
I used to have hamsters as pets
I also used to have chameleons as pets
I worked as a waitress at Pizzaland (it’s demolished now!!)
Dereck taught me how to drive
I have high arches on my feet – Leanne says they were bound!!
I used to put corks between my big toes to straighten them – ouch!!!
I used to walk about 4km to school to save my bus fare
I went overseas for the first time in February 1982
My first employer was The Standard Bank of SA Limited
My first salary was R300-00 per month
I used to stay in a bachelor flat in Broad Street in town
I have never cut my own hair
I regularly cut Dereck & Grant’s hair
I enjoy baking
I have done the world’s highest bungy jump
I can sew
I can do basic crocheting
I have done embroidery
I can knit
I hand make teddy bears
I can cook
I don’t drink glasses of milk
I enjoy the outdoors
I love shopping
I am generous
Tony Watson (ex rugby player) signed my birthday card
I fell while snow skiing and had to be rescued off the mountain
I love travelling
I love scrapbooking
I enjoy working in the garden
I have ridden a horse
I love my current job
I am never bored
I have been to the top of the Eifel Tower
I walked up to the top of the Campanile in Port Elizabeth
I love listening to music
I used to catch a train with my friends to Kelso Caravan Park
My friends had to teach me to drink coffee!!
In 1982 whilst in London, I walked past Princess Diana
Bruce Fordyce (Comrades runner) autographed his biography for me
I really want to bungy jump off Vic Falls
I loved playing with Barbie dolls
I used to be scared of the dark
At school I loved acting
I can say – supercalafragalisticexpialidocious – can you?
I had fun putting this together – hope you enjoyed reading about me!

"Now that you know me a bit more", signing off ......


Helen Tilbury said...

That was such fun - I did really enjoy reading it & you are certainly up for a lot more in life than me! No bungee jumping for me that's for sure! You have certainly "lived" & believe in getting the most out of your life. I have done my list but not sure how to scrap it. Yours is a good way but can see that it must have taken forever,lol! ;-)

Jo said...

Michelle this is fabulous and so interesting for a nosey person like me!!

Desire Fourie said...

Can't believe you even got five more than 101 things of yourself to share with us. It was great reading your list and once again there are one or two new interesting facts I have learnt about you. Your layout is fantastic and such a clever and creative idea to display your miles long list of facts in a quilt design ... I might just scraplift from you ... although I am still contemplating doing this challenge ... Fantastic project well executed! Hugs from Desire

Andrea said...

I LOVE reading these list so a big well done to Tracey G for suggesting them for the BOM challenges...which I am yet to start I have to confess.

What is it with you girls and tattoos - just go for it, I LOVE mine and think I am going to have to get my dh to photograph it and show it to you on the blog :-)

A fun read...thanks a mil