Friday, 13 February 2009

Jemma on the Pond

While I was weeding in the front garden on Monday evening (the amount of weeds has been irritating me, so when I have come home in the evenings I have been doing some weeding!) I looked up and this is what greeted me!! Jemma climbing up onto the pond and then proceeded to balance and was dunking her nose under the water to take out the leaves!!!! It was soo funny. By the way, she never fell in and once I went inside, she just climbed off and followed me.

Weeder with a dog signing off ....

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Desire Fourie said...

Wow four posts in one day, that must be some kind of record. Can't keep up. It never rains but pour. Aaaah Jemma is so cute and one can't believe how she manages to balance with that awkward sausage dog shaped body of hers. But hey, you got a new fountain maintenance lady in the making here. Hugs from Desire

Jose said...

Fantastic pictures, I hope she keeps up the good work, keep us updated and what she does tomorrow :)
Jose xx