Tuesday, 08 May 2007

Inspired Scrapper

Well, it is now 12:38 and I am still up. And you ask WHY? I decided that I was going to get started on my Candice Greenway layout. This is a layout which I purchased on Designers Notes and have put off doing it for a while. I had all my photos and paper ready and tonight was the night!!! I have completed the page and just need to finish off with a few embellishments and do my journalling. I can't believe how much fun I have had having to fiddle around to make the photos fit in the space available. Anyway, it was a good challenge and I had a lot of fun.

Watch this space for the finished product.

Off to get some beauty sleep ...


Sophia said...

Hi Michelle,

Nice to see you have joined the world of Bloggers...about time!!!

Will pop in here to see how things are going.

Great job on the Blog.

Look forward to seeing the layout soon.

Desire Fourie said...

Hi midnight scrapper! Now I would say this is all {C} fault. She is seeing to it that we burn the oil right through to the early hours of the morning. But it is a true reflection of how addicted we are to creating with our photos. So? where is the evidence?

Desire Fourie said...

Hey its not fair. I also tried to put the same 'About me' on my blog, but it mixed my layout up. Very nice - liking all the tit bits. Thank you again for the lovely cactus. It will get a prized spot in the Fourie household.