Saturday, 05 May 2007

New Blogger on the Block

Well here it is finally. I have often thought of setting up a Blogspot and thoroughly enjoy reading Desire's blog. She has been egging me on to set up my own, and .... now it is done!

My daughter, Leanne, who turns 21 on 20 May is able to apply for an Ancestral visa and once obtained is planning on going to London in the first week of June for about 5 years. Boy am I going to miss her!! So, this prompted me to get my blog set up so that we can keep in contact and I can post photos to let her see what is going on back home in Pinetown, South Africa.

Over the last few weeks, I have been forced to learn how to upload photos, download photos and scan photos, so I thought the next step should be the Blog.

So ... I hope you enjoy my "Life Experiences".

New blogger signing off ....


Desire Fourie said...

Well done Michelle. Neocounter, profile photo and gorgeous header all up the first time round! I know your visitors will anjoy reading about your life experiences. YOu are a natural writer ... No pressure, but remember we need daily updates. Welcome to cyberspace. Desire

Desire Fourie said...

Now, you are already more than one day behind???
Like the photo of you taking a photo - clearly a serious new Canon fan - even sporting the Canon-strap twirled around the photographer's neck. Can't wait to see your Candice Greenway layout.