Monday, 21 May 2007

Mothers Day

Ok, I know that I am really late with updating my blog, but there has just been so much going on which you will hear about shortly. Firstly, on Mother's day after I came home from the Pavilion 15km race, our sausage dog Jemma came into my room with a present tucked in her collar. Then Izzy and Zippa came through with presents tucked in their collars. 3 slabs of chocolate - my favourite. I also got a box of whispers from Dereck. Then Grant came through with a present for me. A big box of nougat - my absolute favourite. Then he came through again with another present - 2 slabs of nougat. Then he came through again with yet another present - a packet of pink nougat. Wow, I can really indulge!!

Dereck gave Grant some money and sent him off to the shops to buy ingredients for breakfast, which he and Lauren cooked. Rolls with bacon and scrambled egg with cheese. While we were eating, Leanne woke up and surprised me with these lovely Gebera's. Since using them at a work function, I have really come to like them and they are one of my favourite flowers. I also received a lovely pink fragranced teddy, who has a spot on my scrapbooking desk under my lamp. Sorry I didn't get to photograph the teddy.
I had a really wonderful day and realised how special my children, Leanne and Grant are.
Spoilt mom signing off ....

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